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How to Make Your Next Winter Break Memorable


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Because of the pandemic, your 2020 winter break may not have been the most ideal of winter breaks. Last year, many people had to postpone, “cancel,” or change the way they celebrated their holidays. Now that we know what it’s like, how do you plan to celebrate the incoming end-of-the-year holiday break?

Considering the bland holidays of yesteryear, we know that many people want to do something memorable this year. That’s why we created a list of fun and remarkable things you can do this holiday break. Continue below to read what we’ve got in store for you.

Reconnect and Spend Time With Friends and Family

Are you tired of being alone and isolated because of the pandemic? Many other American adults feel the same way. The best way to combat this loneliness is to reconnect with people you love.

Go back to your hometown and talk to people you haven’t seen in a long while. Say hi to your old friends by sending them a photo with a happy memory. You could even recreate the memory with them to see how much you’ve changed in the last few years.

If you don’t want or can’t get out of isolation, get in touch with loved ones by giving them a call or video call. Sometimes, even an electronic message is enough to get a conversation going again.

Read a Book

Are you a book lover and avid reader who hasn’t picked up a book in so long? Now’s the time to pick up a book you’d like to finish or start reading. Open the door (or page) that will lead you to new worlds and wisdom.

This new book will surely lead you to a memorable new world and beyond. Even if you’re not picking up a work of fiction, you’ll still get a chunk of wisdom or knowledge from what you choose to read. Plus, reading a book at home is the best way to remain safe, healthy, and happy for many readers.

Grab a Sled, Skis, Snowmobile, or Snowboard

If you don’t want to spend your time sitting and reading, you might enjoy spending it being physically active. Dig out your sled, skis, snowboard, or snowmobile, and get ready for a fun winter break. The great thing about these winter activities is that you don’t need to be in close contact with anyone if you don’t want to.

Never forget to ensure your safety first when you join these activities. Get the best snowmobile tracks for the terrain you’re visiting. Wear the proper protective gear if you’re going downhill on a ski, sled, or snowboard.

Get a Seasonal Job You’ll Enjoy

Are you living on a limited budget and can’t afford to go on a holiday or leave? There’s no shame in that, but don’t push yourself too hard. It’s the holiday break, after all. Instead, why not consider doing work that you enjoy? Even if you’re working this holiday break, it is still the season to find joy in your work.

For example, you’re an accountant, but you’ve always loved baking and cooking. Consider helping out at a local bakery or café that often becomes extra busy during the season. You could also set up a short-term online business where you can sell your baked goods.

Catch Up on Sleep, Don’t Hibernate

Going on a break means getting some rest, and sometimes, it means getting literal rest. This is your chance to catch up on sleep and to fix your sleep schedule. Get your 6-8 hours of sleep on this break.

Depending on how you define memorable, catching up on sleep may not be a very memorable experience for you. Yet, it’ll be a healthy choice you made, and your body will certainly appreciate it. If you want to make the experience memorable, use this time to make your sleepover dreams a reality.

Or try something new like camping in your backyard with your family. It won’t be as taxing as going out to hike and camp. You could even bring your young kids along as backyard co-adventurers and yeti hunters.

Get Some Alone Time and Meditate

Finally, consider hiking in the nearby winter woods, a cliff, or the snowy beach. Use this time to reflect and meditate. Some alone time, mindfulness, or self-reflection offers a lot of benefits. It boosts concentration, increases self-esteem, and reduces stress effectively.

You don’t even need to be in a white and serene winter wonderland to find inner peace and self-reflection. All you need is a quiet place where you can let your mind wander and your worries go. You could sit on the porch or the living room, close your eyes, and ruminate.


There are still many things you can do even with the pandemic. What’s considered memorable will depend on your priorities and what you find interesting. What’s most important during your winter break is not where you are but how you spend it.


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