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How to Manage Remote Work With Small Children in the Home

How to Manage Remote Work With Small Children in the Home

Working remotely is the new normal for millions of people around the world. Working can provide a sense of relief especially when you have young children at home. The constant screaming or need to be entertained can make it impossible to stay productive throughout the day. There is a tax credit being paid out to those with kids starting in July that could be used for some form of childcare. Not all parents are comfortable with sending their children out into the world right now. This can also be used for childcare in the home during their work hours. The following are tips to help manage remote work with small children in the home. 

Work Before Your Kids Are Awake 

The beautiful aspect of having teenagers is that they will rarely wake you up early in the morning. Even younger kids do not seem to do this until the weekend comes around. Getting up a few hours before your children can allow you to relax while knocking out work early. The time spent alone could be the most productive that you have during the week. Working at night can lead you to dread the end of the day which can have a negative impact on your attitude throughout the day. 

Consider Preschool

Preschool can help your children socialize in the appropriate ways. A structured curriculum can allow them to learn in a way that numerous children have learned in the past. You want to make sure that you are enrolling your children in a preschool rather than a babysitting program/daycare. Preschool programs in Raleigh or the Triangle Area need to be researched thoroughly before any decisions are made. Getting that early start can help immensely when introduced to traditional school during kindergarten. 

Be Realistic About Your Daily Workload 

Your daily workload needs to be realistic as you do not want a successful day to be deemed a failure due to expectations not being met. Timing yourself daily can allow you to see how long it takes you to do a particular task daily. Clearing emails is a great example as it might take you the same amount of time whether your inbox is full or not. Days, where the children are home, might be wise to set lower productivity goals. The ability to see improvement when doing a particular task by becoming more efficient can provide motivation. Without metrics as to how fast you can work, you might see slight upticks in productivity.

Working with small children in the home is going to be tough. The ease of caring for them will lessen a bit when they can be trusted in a fenced backyard without worry of them injuring themselves. Remote work is going to take an adjustment if this is your first time delving into working from home. Take the time to focus on your productivity during working hours so you can spend quality time with your family instead of constantly being distracted by work.