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Live Video: The Future of Communication

Live Video: The Future of Communication

We all know the way we communicate is changing: for better or worse, once in-person interactions are becoming virtual. One thing that remains the same is a need for visuals, which are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain. Live video fulfils this need, while accommodating the flexibility and convenience demanded by those who work from home. 

70% of professionals now work at least one day a week at home. Not just meetings, but everything from hospital appointments to webinars to gaming sessions are now conducted over live video. 

New issues have arisen following such mass adoption of live video. Platforms must comply with privacy laws such as GDPR. They must fulfil customer needs by integrating popular features such as screen share, all while providing a low-latency service with high quality visuals. Most current solutions are not up to par. 

Eyeson is one platform that has come up with an innovative angle to tackle the challenge of providing quality live video streams. The company has a patented single stream technology that is browser-based, meaning users do not need to download or register to use it. The same video stream can be viewed on all devices, and the platform is fully encrypted and GDPR compliant.

The power of nimble live video
Source: eyeson.com