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Maintenance Things to Do Between Tenants

Maintenance Things to Do Between Tenants
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As a landlord, you are responsible for making sure that your rental property is in good condition for your tenants.

By doing some basic maintenance between tenants, you can keep your rental property in good condition. This will make it more likely that your tenants will renew their lease and that you will get good reviews from them.

Here are some things that you should do:

Inspect the Property

Inspect the property regularly and make sure that there are no safety hazards. This includes checking the electrical system, the plumbing, the roof, and the structure of the building.

Check for Pests

Be sure to check for pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, and bedbugs. These pests can cause serious health problems for your tenants.

Clean the Rental Unit

You should also make sure that the rental property is clean before the new tenants move in. This includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors. The bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected. The kitchen should be wiped down and all of the appliances should be cleaned.

Remember to clean the outside of the property as well as the inside. Make sure that the gutters are clean and in good condition. This will prevent water damage to the property.

Mow the Lawn

Be sure to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. This will keep the property looking nice and presentable.

Fix any Broken Items

Repair any damage caused by the previous tenant. If there are any broken items in the rental property, be sure to fix them. This includes things like broken windows, holes in the walls, and leaks.

Attract Quality Tenants

By taking care of these things between tenants, landlords can help ensure that their rental unit is in good condition for the next tenant. This can help attract quality tenants and avoid any potential problems that could arise from a unit that is in disrepair.