Home Business <strong>Microlearning: Why the Top Companies Receive the Best Talent</strong>

Microlearning: Why the Top Companies Receive the Best Talent

<strong>Microlearning: Why the Top Companies Receive the Best Talent</strong>

Fortune 500 companies that engage in ongoing influential networking events often receive the best employees that they are looking for. These influential networks are a win-win for companies and employees since they both get a chance to meet new like-minded individuals. When people come together and share information about each other, learn about others’ accomplishments, and/or learn about another contact that somebody knows, it keeps employees engaged and excited about what they do professionally. 

Many of these employees thrive in these networking environments that companies host because they continue to learn more about people and other opportunities they can excel at outside of their 9-5 work hours. Even though it is a cost to host events by paying for a nice room and someone influential to speak, companies get a nice return on investment through more qualified and talented employees. 

In a recent survey, 70% of employees state that they would leave their current job if they found a company that invested more in training. Even though networking is not directly in the form of training, employees learn something every time they get out of their comfort zone when listening and talking to influential, like-minded individuals in their occupations. The synergy through connecting with other people encourages employees to apply their professional talent in a field where they can grow and excel even more. Learn more about how the best companies are utilizing microlearning for their workplace training in the infographic below:

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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