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Motivation: Why We All Need it in our Lives

Motivation: Why We All Need it in our Lives

Motivation is not something you can see or hear, neither can you touch it; rather motivation is a deep desire to achieve something and this inner light is critical to give us the determination to do the difficult things. Without motivation, life is a constant struggle and some people seem to be able to find that deep desire without any issues, while others find it hard to find something that excites them enough to force change.

Personal Development

This is something we all should be concerned with; regardless of where you are in your life, there is always room for improvement. When an athlete wishes to beat their personal best, for example, they would seek out the help of a good physio, such as https://themovementmill.com.au/, where experts can show the sportsperson how they can attain a higher level of fitness. Sports are a great example of the power of motivation; indeed, there are many world champions who started with a deep desire to become the best at their chosen discipline at a very young age and that desire grew and grew, driving the person to great achievements. One could ask the question, “would the outcome have been the same without that desire?” We believe the answer is no; it is motivation that drives us to achieve great things. Here is an informative article entitled, What is self-motivation?, which should help you to gain a deeper understanding of this most important of emotions.

Goal Setting

If you have no goals in your life, you lack direction and all of your energy is dissipated, but when a person has a clear idea about what they want to do with their life, this changes everything. Long term goals need short term goals, which keep us interested in the bigger picture. Take a youngster who wants to be a world champion one day and represent their country in their chosen sport; this is a goal that is much more achievable if broken down – start by making it your goal to get into the school team, then the town team, then the state team, and after a suitable period of time, the goal to make it into the national team is much more achievable. Click here for more advice about setting suitable goals.

Check-Up from the Neck-Up

This is a term used to describe the process of honest self-evaluation regarding your mental health and how your life is going generally. Ask yourself questions, such as:

  • Am I happy with my life and the direction it is taking?
  • Are there aspects of my personality that could do with improvement?
  • Are there any issues that bother me?
  • Do I currently have any goals in my life and if so, what am I doing to get closer to achieving those goals?

Honesty can be a difficult thing to bring to the surface and try not to compare yourself with others, as we are all unique in many respects.

Whatever it takes, you should make the effort to find the motivation needed to set and achieve goals for self-development.