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New Windows Add Value To Your Home And Save You Money


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Windows are an amazing way to help increase the value of your home and help cut down on your energy bills. Energy Star certified windows are one of the most desirable home features for modern buyers and can add as much as $12,000 to your home’s selling price. The majority of buyers say that these windows are essential and want windows that are good at insulating and good at protecting from harmful UV rays. 

Windows are also vital for insulation and with 43% of a home utility bill going towards heating and cooling, having quality, professionally installed windows is important for saving money. When replacing a single pane window with a triple pane window, you can save upwards of $400 every year just from that extra insulation. Replacing windows is the most effective and cheapest renovation you can make, saving more and costing less than both dishwashers and a new water heater. Quality windows also cut down on the sun heating up your home, reduce fading from sunlight, and can block up to 99% of damaging UV rays.
Learn more about the benefits to your home and the environment from professionally installed replacement windows here:

The Value of Windows


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