What is Self Motivation?

what is self motivation

Read Time: 6 minutes People generally don’t care about what is self-motivation and its sources. Although nothing under the sun could be performed well without self-motivation. Whoever does the job well done; does with inner passion. This inner passion is actually the driving force which compels us to move. This driving force is called self-motivation. It is the potential … Read more

The Best Motivational Quotes With The Lessons I Learnt

Tips to be motivated all the time

Read Time: 5 minutes Why do people search for motivational quotes? Perhaps for three main reasons; firstly to share on social media, secondly, to beautify their writing stuff like speeches, essays and researches etc and thirdly, to get motivated. Here, I just tried to vividly describe the meaning of such motivational quotes. I also struggled to convey the lessons … Read more