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Prenatal Paternity DNA Test and its detailed analysis

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test and its detailed analysis

If you are pregnant, you should know that there is prenatal paternity testing that can be performed during the pregnancy. These NIPP testing services can help you answer the complicated questions related to your child’s paternity. Additionally, these non-invasive prenatal testing capabilities are very safe and also generate reliable results. as a result, during this type of Paternity Testing, you and your child will be out of danger.

What is NIPP testing?

non-invasive DNA Paternity Testing is a way to rule out or confirm the paternity of a child before the baby is born. During the pregnancy, there are free-floating fetal cells that are present in the blood of the mother. These cells help to create a DNA profile of the unborn baby. During the paternity testing, the baby’s profile is compared with the profile of the alleged father. The DNA of the father is collected with the help of a mouth swab. When the NIPP testing is completed, a report is generated that confirms or rules out if the person is the biological father of the unborn child.

The working of Non-Invasive DNA paternity testing:

In prenatal paternity testing, cell-free DNA is utilized that is created by the fetus and is present in the bloodstream of the mother. These DNA samples can be found in the early stages of pregnancy. With Choice DNA’s advanced technology, a DNA profile is created, and this profile is compared with the possible father’s DNA so that results can be generated.

Additionally, the fetal DNA is separated from the plasma in the mother’s blood sample, and NIPP testing is performed to determine the paternity. Due to the blood sample, there is a mixture of the mother’s and child’s DNA. Afterward, the DNA is separated from the nucleated cells that are present in the DNA sample of the mother and possible the father. All of these DNA samples are evaluated with the help of next-generation sequencing technology. The DNA analysis is performed at thousands of single nucleotide polymorphism loci. As a result, an estimation of paternity is generated.

The meaning of Non-Invasive:

Before the technological advancements, the only way to perform paternity testing was to collect amniotic fluid from a pregnant woman with the help of a long needle. This was an invasive process and created some risks for the baby. However, with our Non-Invasive method, there is no need to enter something into the baby’s environment and create any kind of complexity. We collect a blood sample from the mother’s arm and perform a cheek swab on the father.

The effect of previous pregnancy on the current DNA test:

If you think that there will be an effect of the previous pregnancy on the current non-invasive prenatal testingyou are wrong. There will be no effect on your paternity testing result. When a child is born, the fetal DNA vanishes from the bloodstream of the woman within a couple of hours. As a result, previous pregnancies will not affect the result of your prenatal paternity testing.

Getting prenatal paternity testing:

If you want to get NIPP testing services from Choice DNA, you will get the results as soon as possible. You just have to order the testing services and visit our DNA testing center to get started. Moreover, if you want to add another male for paternity testing, additional charges will be applied as two DNA samples will be compared with your baby’s DNA profile.

Furthermore, you should know that prenatal paternity testing can play an important role in important life choices. Additionally, you will also see many online testing service providers who might be offering cheap NIPP testing capabilities. However, you should always ask for publishing that supports their claims. If the company is offering free post-birth testing, this means their test results are not very reliable. Choice DNA has the most advanced technology procedures along with optimum DNA high sequencing methods. We are one of the most trusted genetic testing services providers, and we tend to deliver high-quality and totally reliable results.

Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is the most reliable way to confirm paternity while a woman is pregnant. Additionally, this process can be performed during the early stages of pregnancy. With a simple usage of the mother’s blood sample and father’s cheek swab, a result will be generated, and you can also see the report online at our portal. Get our NIPP testing services now.