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Promoting Yourself When Trying To Land A Great Job

Promoting Yourself When Trying To Land A Great Job
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The world of jobs is different than it has been for the last few decades. The workers have seemingly taken back control in some roles. Remote work has empowered professionals by giving them the ability to achieve that elusive work-life balance. Self-promotion has to be done by yourself as nobody else is going to market you for a job you truly want. Finding that dream job is about staying consistent in applying for certain roles. Set an alert on LinkedIn or Indeed for certain job roles so you can apply daily. The following are tips to help you promote yourself when trying to land a great job. 

Your LinkedIn Should Be Flawless

LinkedIn can be a great place to land a job or simply build your personal brand. Your profile is not the place to have grammar mistakes or formatting errors. Your LinkedIn profile can be the first impression that recruiters or a direct hiring manager get of you. You do not want to have anything questionable on this profile. There might be some jobs that you can leave off of your profile especially if they are not relevant to the jobs you are currently applying for. Headshots are very important whether you are looking for actor headshots in Greensboro or professional headshots in Raleigh. 

Don’t Downplay Your Skills/Accomplishments

The interview process can be a nightmare for those that consider themselves to be introverts. The best aspect of this is that there are a number of virtual interviews that might make you more comfortable. Do not think that you should be modest when you are being interviewed. Downplaying certain skills or accomplishments is not for the interview process. You are going to want to impress the person interviewing you without embellishing the details to too much of an extent.

Refuse To Stop Applying For Roles

Looking for a job while you are already gainfully employed needs to be done. You will never know if an employer will overlook you for a promotion or give another employee the promotion due to nepotism. LinkedIn can be a great platform to look for job opportunities. Seeing where a former colleague is leaving could give the chance to get a referral from them. Most companies would rather fill a position immediately rather than go through the hiring process. A recommendation from a former or current employee can be that advantage that helps you land a job offer.

Keeping your resume updated with new skills is always important. This can help reduce the work that needs to be done on your resume when you are job searching full-time. Consistent updates also ensure that you will not forget a skill you have learned or a certificate you have recently earned. Consistent improvement on your skill is not something that will be lost on potential employers. 

You have to be your own best promoter when you are looking for a job that you really want. Remember not to get discouraged as a rejection from one opportunity can be a blessing in disguise.