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It is quite possible that in the meantime (parallel to this European debate) case law will specify certain aspect of the right to be forgotten gdpr. The European Court of Justice ruled on May 13, 2014 that search engine operators are responsible for processing personal data that appears on their websites and that they must delete links to these pages upon request and under certain conditions (unless there is a link). there is an overriding public interest in indexing this information). This judgment undoubtedly also has an impact on Internet users in Switzerland.

Changes in personal behavior (awareness and personal responsibility)

In addition to the technical and legal solutions, we believe it is crucial to educate and educate Internet users so that they have better control over Internet applications and the image that they spread of themselves on the Internet. In particular, they should know their rights and obligations when publishing content on the Internet (raising awareness and personal responsibility). Implementing the right to be forgot must not result in individual take less responsibility for content.

It is up to each individual to balance participation in online life between the desire for self-expression/visibility and the need for confidentiality and privacy. For example, you can use a pseudonym or not, activate or deactivate the confidentiality parameters, be as aware as possible of the advantages and the (long-term) dangers of disseminating a message even to a limited group of people. Before content is place on the Internet, one must be aware of the possible effect.

FDPIC recommendations

Technological development and the intensive use of the Internet in all area of life have led to more and more data being process, store and link on the Internet. This increase the risk of privacy violation exponentially. Because of these technological development and the legal and procedural hurdle, the “right to be forgot” is often call into question or it is difficult to implement and enforce this right.

Internet users must be aware of the dangers of using the Internet and use new technologies responsibly. For their part, those who design and develop such technologies must take into account and comply with data protection principles for the protection of privacy, for example by refraining from systematic indexing of data in search engines. Finally, case law and legislation should better protect personal right and tight the obligation of those who process the data Right to be Forgotten Meaning.

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