Home Business Some Plano, Sunlight Related Solar Terms You Should Know About

Some Plano, Sunlight Related Solar Terms You Should Know About

Some Plano, Sunlight Related Solar Terms You Should Know About

You must have also caught on to the solar energy mania. It is evident as the whole world is gushing about its efficacy as a dependable source of energy. However, when you start exploring everything about solar energy, there would be many somewhat confusing terms. 

So much so that it is easy for you to lose your focus in understanding them. Here we share with you some solar energy terms that you should know about.

Balance of system

Your photovoltaic system will need more than just solar panels in order to generate electricity. Balance of system implies all the things that are involved in the installation of the PV array. 

Mounting, design, wiring components, battery storage, and all other costs all form a part of this balance of the system. dfwsolarpanelinstallation.com is your place if you want to receive more information related to the topic. 

Conversion efficiency 

Some panels cannot convert the entire solar energy into usable power. In order to get an idea of that, read the details of the conversion efficiency of the panel. This would give you information on how much solar energy that hits the panel converts into the electricity you could use.

Grid-tied PV system

There would be occasions when the sun is not shining brightly, thus disrupting your energy supply. However, in such instances as well, the photovoltaic system remains connected to the utility grid. If you have a solar energy installation of this type, it is known as a Grid-tied PV system.

Hybrid PV system

Nowadays, many Grid-tied PV systems have backup sources of power. This includes battery banks, wind turbines, and diesel and solar generators. Such a photovoltaic setup is known by the term Hybrid PV system.


Connecting the PV system to the utility grid is not as easy a task as it looks. PV installers have to follow a few of the government’s mandatory regulations. You will also have to fill the required paperwork and complete all the steps before your setup is complete.

Net metering

In case a grid-tied PV system creates more power than is required, the excess will be sent to the grid so that utility companies may use it. Net metering means that these utility companies need to provide credit to the user. However, these net metering rules differ for every state, and some states may not have this policy implemented.

Peak sun hours 

As the day passes, the amount of solar energy each place will receive tends to differ. Peak sun hours are a calculation of how much time the sun is shining brightly at its maximum intensity.


Solar energy panels are in demand these days. If you want to understand it’s working, go through the list of terms you might have to deal with. When you have complete knowledge, it will help you grasp the working of the entire system in a better manner. Solar energy translates into loads of savings and efficient use of power, and the sooner you adopt it, the better it is.