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Stages of Sleep Training – Products That are Helpful


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Now that your baby can rollover, it’s time to start sleep training. Here are some helpful products for those first few nights of sleep.

* NOTE: This article is about sleep training a baby who still rolls over . If you have a child who no longer rolls over, please consult your pediatrician before starting any form of sleep training .

After the baby has learned to roll over, there are much fewer restrictions on what types of sleep sacks & blankets you can use. It’s okay if your baby rolls over once in a while – just don’t leave them unsupervised or unattended. If they start to roll off the mattress, it might be time for a bigger/thicker mattress.

Please note : This is not the time to get creative with your child’s bedding, or use unsafe products . When you’re sleep training your baby (or toddler) it’s best to stick with what has worked for other families – try products that are adjustable and work within your budget. For this reason, we recommend using a swaddle , a wearable blanket, or an arm & leg sack .

All other age ranges should be done with the Magic Sleepsuit.

A swaddler is a great way to keep your baby safe during sleep training. If you are sleep training now, make sure you use one that allows for tummy time and rolling over. A swaddle shouldn’t be used past 4 months of age, unless specified by your pediatrician – even if they’ve been sleeping in it well up until now. Keep in mind that many babies can roll, even while swaddled.

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Most of the time parents want their baby to be swaddled at night and unswaddled during the day so the baby can move, stretch and kick their feet. A swaddle transition sack is a great way to accomplish this without having to buy two products. This will also help with sleep training, because the swaddle transition sack has a zippered bottom . For this reason, it’s important to buy a swaddle transition sack that comes with a special mattress at least 1″ thick. You’ll want the mattress as close as possible to the baby so they don’t have thin layers of fabric between them and the mattress.


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