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Steps To Take When a Car Accident Kills Your Loved One

Steps To Take When a Car Accident Kills Your Loved One

One of the most devastating things that can happen to you is the unexpected death of a loved one. This tragic event is further complicated when you lose someone in a car accident. Not only will you deal with the pain and grief of your loss, but you’ll have to go through it while handling expenses and legal issues that come as a result of the crash..

Depending on who is at fault, the process could become a nightmare over who is responsible for paying medical bills, end of life expenses, and financial loss for surviving family members. Although nothing can take away the heartache of losing your loved one, there are steps you can take to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible during this devastating time.

Seek Legal Representation 

As soon as possible, you should contact a car accident lawyer that is experienced in handling cases like yours. A good lawyer can help you with the next steps you’ll need to take to ensure that your case is handled properly and you get the compensation you deserve. The entire experience is going to be difficult enough, so having legal representation you can depend on is of utmost importance.

Collect and Save All Evidence

It’s important to be as thorough as possible when collecting evidence from an accident. Take photos from the scene and the wreckage, collect dash cam footage, and keep a record of eyewitnesses testimonies as well as their contact information. Even if you think something isn’t important, it could be highly relevant to your case. Your lawyer can help you through the steps of gathering and preserving evidence.

Keep a Record of All Expenses

Whenever someone is killed in a car accident, insurance companies most often try to offer a settlement to avoid going to court. However, you want to make sure the settlement is fair and covers all the expenses you’ve accumulated due to the accident. Medical bills, loss of wages, funeral expenses, as well as pain and suffering all should be taken into account before you accept a settlement.

Don’t Discuss Your Case With Outside Parties

Insurance companies don’t want to pay any more money than they have to, so they’ll try to use evidence and what you say against you. Don’t talk to the media about your case or it could also come back to haunt you. Anytime you’re asked to speak about your case, make sure you have your lawyer present because they will have your best interest in mind and will help you navigate through the loss of your loved one.

Don’t Agree to a Settlement Without the Help of Your Lawyer

Although a large payout from an insurance company might seem easier than going through a lengthy legal battle, keep in mind that insurance companies will try to make lowball offers so they save themselves money. You will be suffering for years to come due to the loss of your loved one, both emotionally and financially. Never agree to a settlement without first consulting with your lawyer.