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Thank you, Richard Liu! JD.com Has Launched Robotics Shops in the Netherlands


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Richard Liu has hit the headlines again after launching two robotics shops in the Netherlands. His reputable company JD.com also announced that they would continue opening other stores in different countries soon. The new shops have proved why the company is one of the best service providers.

Clients can order their preferred products through the internet and collect them in different locations, making shopping easier for residents around the country. Besides, using robots to prepare and deliver parcels will help reduce the risk of spreading covid-19 infections.

Liu Qiangdong’s company has chosen to locate the first two shops in towns where they expect to receive many customers, and they plan to open two more stores in different areas after some time. JD.com’s investment has made history because this is the first time they have opened such a shop in Europe.

Their shopping app is also different from the others in the country because it allows clients to buy food and non-food items in one place. The company plans to use the experience they have acquired when operating. They will also use technology to give European customers a different shopping experience.

What Clients Expect When Shopping

Clients only need to have the Ochama’s app, which will enable them to order products online. Shoppers will have a chance to buy high-quality products, including fresh food, household appliances, home furnishings, beauty products, and many other commodities. The company has set up an automated warehouse, where clients will be picking up their products after the management notifies them that the delivery has been successful. They have invested in the best robots to help pick, sort, and transfer different commodities.

Clients can also monitor the products as agents transport them from their stores to pick-up points. Customers can choose to pick up their products themselves, where they will have a chance of witnessing the assortment process. They can also decide whether to request the company deliver products in their homes, which might be the following day after agents transport products to the collection center.

JD.com’s representatives constantly research before deciding the countries to open affiliate companies. That enables them to make informed decisions, ensuring that every business they start becomes successful. For example, they started new stores in the Netherlands after realizing that many people live in cities. That gave them confidence that they would receive an influx of clients in all their shops.

The new shopping format will provide many benefits. For example, it will reduce queues and traffic jams in collection centers. Besides, the innovation will help address some of the changes different organizations have struggled to cope with, including trained labor to undertake other tasks.

Most importantly, the introduction of online shopping in the Netherlands will enable clients to make informed decisions before buying products. They will use the app to compare different products to know the one to purchase. That will ensure that the products they order will enable them to solve their needs.

About Richard Liu

Richard has continued to gain popularity for his success in business. However, his success did not come overnight. He faced many challenges when growing up, including a lack of financial support from his parents. However, his father and mother had no option because they lost their wealth, affecting the plans they had for their family. That almost killed Liu’s dream of succeeding in life.

However, Richard managed to get financial assistance from well-wishers, which enabled him to get a quality education until he graduated. The skills he learned when studying in college enabled him to get employment. That was the beginning of his current success because it enabled him to save some money, which he used to fund his project when he decided to start a business. Since then, every business Richard Liu starts has become very successful. That has earned him a lot of admiration and made him a role model for thousands of upcoming business people globally.


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