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The Benefits of Influence Networks

The Benefits of Influence Networks

Did you know that 98% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of an alumni program? This is due to the fact that a strong and reliable network can lead to greater opportunities to those seeking higher education or new job opportunities.

Influence networks can help to establish meaningful relationships within professional and educational communities. Access to expertise from alumni mentors can be an invaluable experience for those who are looking for career changes or just looking to improve their professional skill set. For managers and directors, networking events can provide opportunities to meet and recruit the best candidate for their companies.

Keeping an engaged alumni network can lead to better opportunities not only for individuals, but for businesses as a whole. Companies that actively engage alumni see up to 44% increase in net new business, and a 10% increase in brand sentiment. Sharing news, spotlighting other alumni accomplishments, or providing networking opportunities are great ways for companies to keep their alumni engaged and reap the benefits from that engagement. 
Being a part of an active alumni network can lead to great opportunities for students, employees, and business owners alike. Learn more about the benefits of these networks in the infographic below:

The Power of Influence Networks
Infographic provided by: AcademicInfluence.com