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The Best Woods for Grilling Your Foods

The Best Woods for Grilling Your Foods
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If you want your food to be flavorful and delicious then it’s essential you know about the best woods for grilling your foods. While you may have thrown on any wood chips or chunks of wood in the past, you should know that some work better than others. Discover more about the best woods for grilling your foods so you can make a meal that’s satisfying and worth talking about.


Oak is an all-around top choice because you can use it to grill not only a variety of meats but also seafood. If you want a sweeter flavor then you may want to consider blending it with other types of woods. It’s an ideal choice for beginners and is sure to help you bring out the best in your cuts of meat.


You can’t go wrong with apple wood, which is one of the most sought-after fruitwoods. Using it you’ll provide a tangy and sweet finishing touch. It’s one of the best woods you can use to grill up a nice, juicy steak. It’ll give your steak a mild fruity taste but be glad to know you can also use it when grilling pork, chicken, and seafood. You must be patient because it’ll take time and you’ll need to grill your meat for an extended period to get the full flavor.


Hickory wood is another option that can be used to grill all types of foods. You’ll get a more robust smoky flavor instead of a fruity one. You can get a real bacon-like and full flavor when using it to grill hamburger, lean pork, and fatty beef cuts. Use it in moderation as it works quickly and produces a lot of smoke.


Add mesquite to your list of best woods for grilling your foods if you want an aggressive flavor. It’s a staple in the Southwest and ideal for grilling up a steak with a spicy herb rub. It’s a hardwood that has a strong and intense flavor similar to hickory wood.


One of the best woods for grilling your foods is also maple. Since it has a very subtle and lightly sweet flavor, you may want to use it when cooking foods like chicken, vegetables, and even cheese. It’s a less pronounced flavor and may be hard to find in stores.


If you’re looking for a gentle and sweet-fruity flavor then cherry may be the best wood for your grill. It has the right intensity of smoke flavor for grilling steaks but can be used for any type of meat. It will take some time to get the flavor right, so if you’re in a rush then you may want to opt for a stronger wood flavor.

Getting the Right Grill

It’s also important that you have the right grill that will ensure success when cooking over wood. Searching around for the best wood grills can be challenging. That’s where we come in and can help ensure your food tastes good and is full of flavor. Your job will be easy when you purchase one of our products.