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The Future of Cyber Wars: More Than Just Hacked Email

The Future of Cyber Wars: More Than Just Hacked Email

As computer users and internet consumers, we are all familiar with the messages notifying us when someone has tried to log into your email. Or that your passcode on a website you haven’t accessed in years is in danger. Sometimes we chalk it up to nothing but spam, other times there is more of an urgency to create a new password. But with cyber attacks becoming more prevalent and creating larger, more negative impacts how will this affect us? What will the landscape of our world look like when the consequences are more than a compromised Yahoo account?

In March 2022, there were more than 6 billion potential cyber attacks worldwide in a single 24-hour period. 50% of US tech executives say state-sponsored cyber warfare is their biggest threat. Furthermore, 32% go on to state that defining a national cyber security protocol should be a top priority. 

The connections between cyber and physical assets are growing, bringing greater risk to both network and physical infrastructure security. In 2021, data breaches and cyber security attacks on average cost companies $4.24 million per breach which was 10% more than the previous year. Additionally, the pandemic has only heightened the potential for damage from cyber threats. Not only are more people working remotely from less-secure at home networks but more services are provided digitally.
Read more in the infographic below to learn about the future of cyber wars.

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