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The Importance of OSHA Confined Space Training

The Importance of OSHA Confined Space Training

When working in and around a confined space, he/she must complete the OSHA (Occupational Safety House Administration) confined space training program. The certification helps one improve safety levels practiced in the workspace, recognize safety hazards, and reduce or eliminate accidents. More and more organizations are giving importance to osha 8 hour confined space training course.

What is OSHA confined space training all about?

It is a confined space entry training based on the space standard permits of OSHA practiced in different industrial and commercial sectors. OSHA has introduced standard protocols to guide employees to work safely in confined spaces. During training, individuals are taught to identify potential dangers and how to overcome them.

One can also enroll in training courses that coach recognizing permit-required confined spaces rather than working in them. Once training is complete, one has to take a test to evaluate the safety skills and knowledge in confined spaces. After the successful completion, the individual will receive a certificate that validates the course completion as compatible with the standards of OSHA.

Characteristics of confined space

A confined space has the following characteristics.

1. A large enough space for individuals to enter and perform their duties. This indicates that an employee can entirely fit in the given space.

2. The space has a restricted entry and exit source, with slippery floors, poor lighting, etc.

3. A space that is not meant for continuous occupancy. For example, manholes and tanks are not designed for employees to occupy continuously.

Permit-required confined spaces can cause potential harm and have the following characteristics.

·   A space with a dangerous atmosphere

·   A space that can trap an individual on entry

·   Lack of proper oxygen

Who needs the training?

The osha 8 hour confined space training is suggested for all employees involved in confined space entry work.

·   Employees who have to enter and work in a confined space

·   Employees who need to work in permit-required confined areas

·   Individuals who work in tanks, pipes, manholes, pits, sumps, and silos

OSHA recommends confined space training for employees in the construction industry and general industry worksites (mining, aerospace, emergency response). Some jobs demand confined space training for employees, like HVAC technicians, firefighters, building engineers, maintenance technicians, etc.

Topics covered in the confined space training course

The important topics covered in the OSHA confined space training are:

·   The ways to enter and exit the confined spaces

·   Identifying potential hazards

·   The proper use of equipment

·   Hazard safety training

·   Safe work procedures

·   Emergency and rescue services

The training includes a checklist that an employer needs to identify upon entering the confined area, the dangers associated, steps, and control management to handle the emergencies. The training also briefs about essential medical assistance whenever a situation arises.


Workplace accidents and injuries are common, and this is particularly true in confined spaces. Specific jobs demand employees work in potentially dangerous and toxic spaces requiring specialized training. The osha 8 hour confined space training is essential for employees to identify and overcome dangers, practicing the standard safety measures.