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The Importance of Updating the Water Pipe

The Importance of Updating the Water Pipe

Humans have been building and relying on water pipes for thousands of years. What started as clay and wooden pipes is now steel, iron, and fiberglass pipes. However, regardless of the type of pipe, America’s infrastructure requires an overhaul. Every two minutes in the United States, there is a water main break. This is why U.S. communities are planning to invest nearly 9 billion into rehabilitating drinking water pipe networks in 2024.

Over time, water pipes have evolved from steel to iron, to most recently, fiberglass. Although we have come a long way in updating our infrastructure, it is important to continue to evolve and improve the design of the water pipe, as flaws can be costly. The U.S. loses 6 billion gallons of treated water per day, and we are currently 75 years into infrastructure that was only designed to last for 50 years. These shortcomings are contributing to a growing need for sustainability in the United States. Lowering our carbon footprint while repairing aging infrastructure helps to push forward long-term sustainability strategies.

For the smallest towns and the largest cities, updating infrastructure is a top priority. The water pipe is a small but necessary part of ensuring the present and future success of our communities.

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