Home Business The Many Services Offered by the White Glove Logistics Company

The Many Services Offered by the White Glove Logistics Company

The Many Services Offered by the White Glove Logistics Company

You may not be familiar with the term ‘white glove logistics’, although the sector is booming, indeed, you might already be using such a service, if you use technical equipment. White glove logistics involve the transportation, positioning and installation of technical equipment, which can only be carried out by qualified technicians who are approved by the equipment manufacturer, and with that in mind, here are some of the essential services the white glove logistics company offer.

  • Asset Recovery & Collection – When a multi-national company wishes to replace all of their IT hardware, this is a job for TecDis Network, one of the UK’s leading white glove logistics companies. This might involve upgrading all of the hardware and bringing the equipment online, ready for use, and if IT hardware must be disposed of, the provider would be authorised to dispose of WEEE.
  • Data Centre Relocation – In the event you are expanding your business and would like to relocate your data centre, the white glove team have you covered. A leading company would have connections across Europe, with qualified technicians who know what they are doing and you can rest assured that the project will be completed according to the agreed timeline and the data centre will be fully operational.
  • Final Mile Delivery & Positioning – A good example would be a new MRI scanner that must be delivered to a hospital and the challenge of getting the equipment to its final resting place is something for the white glove technicians. Typically, the manufacturer would hand over the equipment a short distance from the site and the white glove team would take over from that point until the equipment is installed, tested and is ready for use. If your business could be doing better, read this article about improving customer service, which might prove useful.
  • Reverse Logistics – This is required when equipment malfunctions or has reached the end of its life and it involves dismantling and transporting the equipment to the requested site. In some cases, the equipment is re-packaged and delivered to a new user, or it might need to be recycled. The client would decide on the details and the white glove team would implement the plan.
  • Full Technical Installation – The equipment covered includes ATMs, digital signage, vending & gaming machines, touch-screen information boards, fitness equipment and complex medical equipment. The provider would have a large network of qualified technicians who specialise in certain types of equipment and are manufacturer-approved.
  • High Tech Warehouse Systems – Every warehouse owner wishes to take advantage of the smart warehouse storage solutions and the white glove technicians are capable of installing and managing high tech storage systems.
  • Advanced Robotics – Whether in a factory or operating theatre, advanced robotics are also the domain of the white glove technician and whether installation or repair, they have the qualified technicians who can work with such complex equipment.

The white glove sector is currently booming and the future looks rosy for this specialised field, with more and more technical equipment coming into play, all requiring white glove services.