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The Most Affordable Places to Live in the World in 2021


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Are you searching for a tropical paradise or the excitement of a city that never sleeps? Are you worried that the cost of living in New York or London is far too high to experience a comfortable life?

Don’t worry. We have some good news for you. Today, we will be looking at some of the most affordable places to live in 2021.

Grab your camera, some comfortable walking shoes, and let’s start exploring the best destinations on a budget.


Discover Ever-Green Costa Rica

Our first stop is central America, where we find the ever-green lush paradise of Costa Rica. Often referred to as the Switzerland of the Americas, this welcoming, democratic country has a lot to offer future citizens.


What to Expect:

Costa Rica has some of the most affordable living costs in 2021. This country also offers a variety of breathtaking real estate options and some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty around. 

Costa Rica is built on a society that cares, and it is clear. Bonus points for the friendly locals and their inspiring food.

Where to Stay:

Costa Rica has plenty of exciting places to choose from. If you want to be closer to nature, head to the South, where you will find some of the most primal jungles on Earth. 

If you crave more modern surroundings, the capital of San José is nestled in the picturesque Central Valley and may just offer everything you desire.

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful golden beaches of Guanacaste for a well-deserved break.

Find Peace in Northern Canada

According to Express Entry PR, the sprawling forests of Canada are beckoning, and we are answering that call. Touted as one of the easiest countries to immigrate to, Canada is well-known for its polite locals and vast green parks.


What to Expect:

Margaret Atwood once described Canada as a shining beacon of hope. Today, Canada is a country built on mutual respect and a love for the outdoors. It is easy to see why this famed author praised it so.

With vast unclaimed territories, you can grab your kayak and explore the wild rapids or climb some of the most beautiful mountains in well-maintained public parks. Remember to pack your ski gear for that fresh coat of snow in winter.

Yet, Canada is more than just a large primeval forest. It is modern and exciting. It has some of the best extensive public health care around. 

Where to Stay:

History buffs will love to stay in Ottawa, while adventurers will quickly get lost in the sheltered Whitehorse. Remember to pack for all four seasons, as the weather in Canada can be dramatic, and don’t forget to take photos of the Northern Lights while you’re here.

Vibrant Vietnam Waits

Few places on Earth are as vibrant and fascinating as Vietnam. This country, rich in history, is also brimming with opportunities for the daring explorer. While there, feel free to fall in love with a tasty bowl of Cao Lau noodles. You won’t regret it.


What to Expect:

Everywhere you go in Vietnam, you will find high-quality, modern housing at very low prices. Prices are almost always half of what you would typically pay in western countries. More and more locals living in popular destinations in Vietnam are becoming fluent in English. This introduction of English will go a long way to ease the language barrier.

Where to Stay:

Vietnam offers us plenty of exciting spots to call home. From the bustling cities hidden in pine forests to the sun-washed beaches. Hanoi is one of the more popular options as it is nestled right in the middle of everything you would need to work, live, and play.

Our Final Thoughts

Costa Rica, Canada, and Vietnam each offer different opportunities. Yet, they all share the same benefits – an affordable lifestyle in a safe and happy country. 

Whether your new home is in North America, South America, or in far-away Asia, you can rest assured that the locals will be welcoming and that you will have every opportunity to make a living there.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book that flight and explore the world.


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