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The New Age of Home Offices

The New Age of Home Offices

The workplaces of the future are developing quickly, especially with the rise of remote work options. This has been made possible with the introduction of new technology such as video conferencing, and employees have never been happier. 91% of employees have reported that they are happier with their work situation when they are able to work from home and have more flexible hours. Some of the work-life balance improvements include having more time for family, improved savings, and better overall morale.  Many employees have become so attached to their new work situations that 32% of workers have reported quitting their jobs because they weren’t allowed to work remotely. 

As technology continues to shape the new workplaces, we can expect to see some major changes soon. Work will become emotionally healthier for employees, as organizational hierarchies are disbanded in favor of more collaborative environments. There is also expected to be a larger focus on wellness within the workplace, such as office designs based around comfort rather than sterile modernity. Technology can be expected to take over the more routine and less complicated work responsibilities. However, workers will still be expected to have a high-level of impersonal skills, such as people management, negotiation, and emotional intelligence.

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