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The Powerful Link Between Workplace Cleanliness And Productivity

The Powerful Link Between Workplace Cleanliness And Productivity

Alcohol-based hand disinfectants may be a commonly used item these days, but as far back as 2010, a study published in the journal, BMC Infectious Diseases, showed that the simple placement of this product in business could reduce illness and absenteeism among staff. Findings also indicate that disinfectants could reduce symptoms of illness among participants who did not absent themselves from work. The study is just one of many that reveal the many benefits that can be obtained by prioritizing cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene within an office setting. If you manage an office, then professional cleaning and the adherence to a regular schedule are vital so as to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees and business owners alike.

Achieving Business Goals With The Aid Of Cleanliness

Cleanliness has a powerful impact on the productivity of employees – as found in a 2016 study by M Horrevorts and colleagues. The study found that cleanliness correlates significantly with a higher perceived employee productivity, and with a higher level of work satisfaction. It also showed that employees felt the same – those providing measurably higher hygienic work spaces to staff also perceived that employees performed to a higher standard. The researchers concluded that employers should “carry out regular cleaning activities in the office environment where the employees perform their work.”

Top Spots For Germs In The Office

Whether you hire a professional cleaning service or cleaning chores are shared (as might be the case in a small business) it is important to be aware of where germs settle in offices. Top spots include faucet handles: a study by Kimberly-Clark found that 75% of all break room faucet handles carried a high risk of spreading illness. Additional dirty surfaces include microwave handles, headsets and microphones, vending machines and water fountain buttons or handles, and keyboards and mouses. When working out which areas need special attention, make a list of surfaces that are likely to be touched by a large number of people. In your office, this may include refrigerators, handrails, soap sanitizers, and door handles.

Investing In The Health Of Your Team

In addition to ensuring that your office is cleaned according to standard hygiene requirements and schedules, there are many additional ways to boost productivity. These include reducing clutter (to reduce the likelihood of falls, injuries, and work dissatisfaction), improving the air quality, and ensuring your office is flooded with natural light. Research undertaken by the World Green Building Council, for instance, showed that employees showed an 11% rise in productivity through the introduction of fresh air and the reduction of toxins in the workplace. To achieve this aim, consider bringing indoor plants, a HEPA filter, and a green cleaning protocol into your workplace.

Study after study has shown that employees working in clean, tidy workplaces are more productive. They also enjoy greater work satisfaction, and their employers perceive their performance more positively. Clean offices are only one part of the ideal health and wellness equation, of course. Other areas needing priority include air quality, which can be achieved through greener cleaning practices and the elimination of causes of indoor pollution, such as pressed wood furniture.