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The Rising Demand and Impact of Mobile DevOps in the Job Market


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The role of DevOps Engineer is among the hottest job titles in 2021. A huge reason for that must be the projected growth of Mobile DevOps, which is slated to be at $51 billion in 2030, a huge jump from its $7 billion evaluation in 2021. With the market’s growth, the demand for a DevOps engineer and the industry’s expectations also rise. 

The number further emphasizes the Mobile DevOps engineer and their importance given the smartphone’s usage and reliance. Smartphone users depend on 9 to 10 apps per day and 30 per month, and there are nearly 5.7 million apps on Google Play and App Store. 

A good Mobile DevOps tool makes all the difference, drastically increasing the efficiency for Mobile DevOps engineers. A good tool positively helps with the speed-to-market, ROI, quality of deliverables, and skill integration. 

Bitrise, a tool used by more than 50% of the mobile unicorn startups, is supported on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Flutter. It assists in reducing build times, increasing deployment frequency, improving app stability, and optimizing infrastructure and mobile DevOps spending. Prioritizing Mobile DevOps can lead to job growth, heightened demand, and enhanced deliverable quality for DevOps engineers.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise


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