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The Winds of Change for Cannabis Legislation

<strong>The Winds of Change for Cannabis Legislation</strong>

The recreational use of marijuana is something that has been heavily debated in the past several years. Now, in 2023, the use of the substance is more accepted than ever, with only 2 states not approving of CBD or marijuana use at all. The United States as a whole is warming up to the idea of legal cannabis, with nearly 60% supporting both medical and recreational use.

By state, Idaho and Nebraska are the only two states where no form of cannabis is legal. However, states like Texas, Wyoming, Iowa, and nine others have only legalized CBD. Although CBD is actually legal at a federal level, the rest of the country has taken a step further into the realm of recreational use.

CBD is generally more widely accepted on a state-by-state basis, but many experts are predicting that change is inevitable. Tyler McFadden, a board member of BOWL PAC believes that “[legalization] might not be tomorrow, it might not even be next year, but as long as we’re doing something about it now, we’ll reach it faster…” The bottom line remains that CBD and marijuana legislation is constantly in flux, with more changes coming in the near future.

States such as Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania are ones to keep an eye on, as research predicts that they, along with several other states, may approve recreational marijuana use by 2030. Federal regulations may be shifting as well, leaving the country in a state of change that will only develop further in the coming years.

Cannabis Legislation by State
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