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Tools and Tactics to Double your Search Traffic


In the current online marketplace, stiff competition demands that marketers get more creative to tap more traffic onto their websites. There are lots of tools and techniques to use for this purpose. Without a clear roadmap and an understanding of various factors that affect and influence online presence, your effort to increase traffic will not be efficiently fruitful. 

The most basic role that your website must play is helping you to connect with your audience according to hostingfoundry.com. It should also help you to recruit more prospects and increase interactions. These objectives cannot be achieved without work and effort. Knowing what to do at each point of online growth is key to your overall success. In the discussion that follows, we look at various tools and tactics available for use by marketers working to increase traffic to their websites.

Firstly, let’s see some tactics that work the magic.

Conduct a thorough SEO Audit

An SEO audit helps you to understand your website needs inside-out and you need to make it frequent. This strategic examination of your website gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done to improve performance. Here are key SEO aspects to look out for during your audit.

Keywords choice and placement

 keywords remain one of the most important SEO factors that influence ranking, performance, and traffic. During your audit, evaluate how various keywords have been used and their effectiveness on your posts. Find out whether your audience is searching for content using the particular keywords and also evaluate what competitors are using to drive traffic to their websites.

  • URL

The URL is the web address or internet address that correctly directs your audience to your website and to particular posts within your websites. Properly formatting the URL is key and essential part of visibility.

  • Site Speed

With thousands of websites competing for similar audiences, site speed becomes a critical defining factor. Web visitors will quickly move to a site that loads faster and gives relevant answers to their queries. Ensure that photos, videos, infographics as well as plugins used on your website do not slow down site speed.

Understand What Your Target Customers Want

You will get ahead of your competition if you have a clear understanding of your audience. This allows you to address their needs and create content that is relevant to them. It’s the only thing that will make them come back for more and tell others about it. Address your audience in a manner that feels personal to them so that your message provides a solution to their problem.

You will only double the traffic to your website if it helps solve a given problem for your target audience in a timely manner. Make every effort to be solution-oriented. Most website visitors are very clear in mind on the kind of content they are looking for, and they know when they land on it. This underlines the importance of profiling your target audience in order to cater to their desires more responsively.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Landing pages help to take conversations to a higher level. Using landing pages, you are able to provide elaborate information and even gauge customer’s interests in particular subjects. 

Social media pages, blog posts as well as home pages help to kickstart the conversation and hook your audience to the discussion. If you have to create landing pages where you direct web visitors, ensure they are more detailed and add value to your content. This is where the curiosity of your clients is settled as they have a chance to read more and engage with your content.

Social Media Posts Should Give Value to the Site

Leverage on social media to give your website more visibility and traffic. Social media is indeed a powerful tool that can be useful in reaching the right target audience. It’s also engaging and good at giving important highlights before sending the audience to your website.

Social media platforms and websites work symbiotically; you use social media to promote and send potential clients to your website, but you also ask web visitors to share content through social media platforms. This is how you add value to the website using social media. Take advantage of authoritative sites such as Quora, Blogger, and Slideshare to promote your brand.

Understand Your Audience 

The success of any online business lies in understanding your audience. Once this is done, you are able to connect in a way that helps you to engage. As your business grows, you will need to categorize your audiences appropriately for you to provide exactly what gets them interested. 

Define your audience by age, gender, education level, geolocation, hobbies, among other metrics. Experienced Adelaide SEO Consultant and other online gurus observe that although it takes time to completely define and identify your audiences with specificity, these efforts eventually pay off and you steadily see your numbers double the number of visitors to your site.

Optimize your Website for Mobile

More than 60% of web searches today are performed over mobile devices. This underscores the need to have your website working well on mobile devices just as it would on desktops. 

Important aspects to take care of and ensure they have proper visibility and fast loading speeds on mobile include videos, photos, and infographics. Also, ensure that your site is well organized and easy to navigate on mobile. If you have an e-commerce site where payment is needed, make sure it is as easy on mobile just like on a desktop.

Tools to help you increase traffic

There are several useful software that can help you accelerate traffic to your website. Here are just a few to light up your online success journey.


Ahrefs provides a selection of well-enhanced toolset that is can help you enhance the performance of your site. With Ahrefs tools, you are able to conduct a website audit, analyze competitors, tranking your ranking, and even evaluate your keywords. One of the latest additions to this toolset is Content Explorer which allows you to identify topics that are widely shared on social media in any niche. With this, you can refresh ideas for your content and get to see what audiences are most interested in.


Ubersuggest helps content creators to generate new keyword ideas, pick out the things you aren’t doing right on your website, and also give suggestions on ways to increase traffic. In recent times, this SEO tool has significantly expanding to give creators an insight into important approaches to their content journey.

This site is quite insightful as it also provides competitor reports using measures such as top domains as ranked through traffic reports. Such highlights are critical to the online success journey, particularly when seeking ways to increase traffic and improve your content marketing approaches.

Google Analytics

Since 2005, Google Analytics has been a distinguished tool for content marketers seeking to leverage on traffic, advertising as well as social networking.

This tool provides an in-depth analysis in terms of web visitor behavior. In other words, Google Analytics allows you to gauge how your customers interact with your content, picking out elements such as bounce rates, new visits, and the average duration per visit, and so on. All these factors aim to give you a clear picture of how your content is performing and what needs to be worked on for you’re website to perform competitively.


Video has now become a crucial part of content creation. Whether you use it as the only way to build your content or use it to compliment your content marketing strategies, video today is highly valued and completely changes the way audiences interact with your content online. 

PowToon is a tool used to create animated videos and presentations. The cloud-based animation software helps creators to make explainer videos even if they don’t have advanced skills in video making. 

The growing interest in content based on video should encourage content creators to invest more in this game-changer. One study revealed that 59% of site users and prospective customers might choose to watch a video rather than read plain text. Providing this option nearly guarantees you increased traffic to your site and more time spent perusing your content.


For content creators, TrendSpottr is a good predictive tool that brands, marketers, as well as PR professionals, can use to identify emerging trends, viral topics as well as the most suitable influencers in particular topics. This intelligence-based tool helps marketers to point out what audiences are desperately looking for, placing you in a position where you create content that responds to their immediate needs. Such a tool puts creators in a position where they understand audiences better, thus helping to create content that is relevant and timely. This is crucial for online success.


Online success requires a deliberate combination of factors all aimed at a single objective; to attract increased traffic. This also means that there is no single way to scale up your online journey. The tools and tactics discussed herein offer a simplified way of increasing web visitors and effectively raising your chances of converting prospects into paying customers.