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Traditional Security Approaches Are Failing: How To Increase Your Cyber Security


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Did you know that 80% of network traffic can no longer be inspected with legacy tools? With cyber attacks becoming increasingly more sophisticated, traditional cyber security systems are unable to detect and resolve every threat. In fact, it can take nearly 300 days to detect a breach. The risk of a successful cyber attack increases the longer it takes for threats to be detected, and so a solution is needed to decrease the amount of time between an initial breach and its detection. 

Network detection and response (NDR) systems can provide the solution needed. NDR systems detect anomalous network traffic that traditional tools miss, and are able to monitor cyber traffic across all avenues to detect a threat from any area of the network. This means that threats can be detected and reported to the security team in a timely manner.

NDR systems also categorize assets based on risk and threat to help evaluate potential compromises. This means IT professionals can better understand where threats are coming from and the best ways to handle potential attacks. These systems are easy to use and can even be deployed in minutes to prevent ransomware breaches.

The benefits of NDR systems are endless. Learn more about these systems and how they can increase cyber security in the infographic below:

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action


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