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What are Calming Dog Beds for Anxious Dogs, and Their Benefits?


If your dog gets a little agitated when leaving for work and needs some help to calm down, a calming bed can help. If you want to offer your dog a safe haven where they can relax and be calmer, you could consider buying them one of these beds.

These beds are recommended for any type of anxiety or stress that your dog is experiencing. What exactly are calming beds though, and what are the benefits for you and your pet? 

What is the benefit to the dog?

Your dog could benefit from having a place where it can feel calm and relaxed – stress free during the day or at night. When dogs are adopted or re-rehomed they can take time to feel safe in their new surroundings. If your dog is prone to anxiety or reactivity, if left alone or if he/she gets frightened during a storm then they need to have a place where they feel safe.

Calming dog beds are specially designed to relieve stress for your furry friend and they have the greatest benefit when you use soothing supplements. A cozy dog bed is also a great way to calm down your dog who suffers from anxiety or stress.

What is a calming dog bed?

A soothing dog bed consists of a central cuddle cave that surrounds your dog with soothing support and comfort. A good option for an anxious dog is a nest or padded dog bed that has raised sides and a cover. This type of dog bed is ideal for dogs who like to hide in sleep or stressful situations.

This is basically the one that surrounds your dog in a sea of plush divinity and makes it feel safer. If you have a dog bed that has a self-warming effect, you can relieve your dogs of anxiety and stress. With a soft plush bed with plush cover and a comfortable pillow on top, they will feel loved and appreciated.

Why do pets need this?

Dogs and cats like to feel secure when they sleep. They will often choose somewhere secluded or out of the way. Cats especially like to crawl into spaces where they cannot be attacked. Cats love empty boxes or hiding themselves under duvets or climbing up to be out of harm’s reach. Calming beds provide this safe feeling for dogs and cats also.

How do these beds work?

Dogs suffer from anxiety and depression sometimes. It is a cause of worry to the owners and no one likes to see their pet in discomfort. The lucky thing about this is it can often be fixed easily just by improving the quality of sleep.

They are soft, comfortable circular beds that have a raised outside. This area creates a feeling of being safe as they feel hidden. This helps them to relax faster and go to sleep. They are extremely soft so they also help to avoid joint or muscle pain. We all see our pets sleeping in strange positions and wonder how they can be comfortable and the truth is they aren’t always. Hard floors cause muscle and joint pain. A pet would choose a comfortable bed as first choice just like you would.

An investment?

We all want our dogs to enjoy a good night’s sleep, so it pays to invest in good dog beds. If you give your dog a soothing bed it will give your dog a good night’s sleep. With the right soothing dog bed your dog will fall asleep quickly at night and at the same time ensure a healthy lifestyle.

With less stress and anxiety your dog will be healthier and live longer. Also if your pet is sleeping soundly then the chances are you won’t be disturbed as much either. These beds can be long lasting too so you may only ever have to buy one depending on how big your dog grows and how quickly! You can see a lot of options at BobbyBed.com and see how they look.

In conclusion

This circular, almost donut shaped calming pet bed is designed to reduce stress and help to calm your dog. It helps them sleep well, helps them relieve joint and muscle pain and helps them with sleep disorders such as anxiety and depression plus more.

Anything that aids a pet’s well being has to be a good thing but in this case it can lead to the owner’s benefit too. By seeing your pet happy and relaxed will lead you and your family to feeling less stressed too. Our pets can’t talk to us so it is up to us to make them feel as comfortable as possible. A calming dog bed might be one way of doing this and in return you and your family get the pleasure of a happy, loving dog around the home.