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What Are European Style Cabinets?

What Are European Style Cabinets?

Perfect design standards that promote personalization paired with personalization and the ability to make adaptable, versatile, stylish – these easily describe European-style cabinets. They offer a more contemporary design for any modern kitchen theme, as they provide a sleek finish while offering a touch of minimalism for those looking for a minimalist design.

European cabinet designs give you the chance to create simple, elegant, and high-gloss cabinet finishings, ideal for any kitchen space and easy on almost any budget. 

What Are European Style Cabinets?

Sometimes referred to as Euro-style, European-style cabinets showcase sleek and frameless designs. Because most of these designs display a minimalist touch, they fit seamlessly into any cabinet structure. 

Compared to other places like the US, European homes generally have much less standardization, as most of them are much older. That means that each home design or structure offers a unique challenge for their owners when it comes to getting the perfect furniture designs that match the general theme of the house. That is unlike the US, where you can rely a lot on standardization in terms of the building structure, which makes it less difficult for designers and homeowners to create more general styles. However, if you are considering adopting European-style cabinets for your home, there is still a lot to know. 

How Did European-style Cabinets Start?

Many homes and apartments in Europe are centuries old. Back then, most builders did not benefit from using today’s modern tools to create more standardised construction designs. That means most people build according to unique designs they wanted or preferred. 

Unfortunately, this situation posed a peculiar problem for designers when it comes to getting in the right cabinet systems – a problem that European-style cabinets came in to address. These cabinets come as modular units, making them fit easily into most spaces in European homes. Their modular design also means that they’re more adaptable than other cabinet styles. 

Moreover, because European homes generally have smaller spaces, they offer very little when it comes to storage solutions. Again, this problem is addressed by the European style’s frameless and modular designs with hidden hinges, making them perfect for maximizing storage in small spaces. 

Comparing European Style Cabinets With American Options

One of the main differences you will notice between the European-style cabinets and American options is the frame. European-style cabinets are frameless, while American styles come with frames. Both styles offer many benefits, with most of them varying in cost, installation time, and even personal preference. 

Your design theme also plays a huge role if you have to choose between both styles. With the European style, for example, their appearance makes it pretty easy to incorporate them seamlessly into any interior decor theme – traditional or contemporary. 

Also, because they’re designed initially with space-saving in mind, they provide more interior space than the American options. 

The Perfect Option For Any Space

European-style cabinets have cleaner designs and offer a touch style that fits well in most contemporary spaces. Plus, their stunning finishings also make most people believe that they age better with time compared to other options. Because they reflect style and individual character, European-style cabinets always add extra value to any home.