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What are Firewalls?

What are Firewalls?
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A firewall is a security system that controls access between an internal network and outside networks, including the Internet. Firewalls are also used to connect two or more servers within the same local area network (LAN). They enable an organization’s private secure data be stored on its own servers, while

Firewalls are a security network that protect data by blocking the entry of viruses or other malicious attacks. Firewalls can be hardware, software, or both. The firewall blocks unauthorized access to information and computers. Firewalls filter your traffic to your computer so hackers cannot enter it through your broadband connection, wireless router or even phone line.


Some applications are typically permitted to communicate through the firewall, while others are blocked. For example, a firewall protecting a bank’s internal network might allow employees to use file sharing or email applications while blocking external access to these resources.

Firewalls work by using an access control list (ACL), which contains rules that specify what traffic can pass through the firewall. Two types of rules exist: allow rules, which permit network traffic to flow past the firewall; and deny rules, which block it. Firewall appliances are available in hardware or software versions.

Public Networks

When you are on a public network, you are at risk of being hacked. For example, when you are in an internet café or coffee shop, your computer is potentially accessible to others since it is on the same network as theirs. A firewall works by placing a barrier between you and other users on that same network. 

This prevents hackers from gaining access to computers on your network. A firewall also helps monitor the traffic on the network by keeping records of information coming in and out, like which applications are communicating with others. This prevents unwanted activity — like spam, viruses or spyware — from infecting the computers on that network.

An IT Company that specializes in security can  configure your firewall for you. An IT company can install the latest updates to your firewall if necessary, check for spyware, viruses and Trojans on your system, and repair or uninstall undesirable programs from within their network.

Security Program

A firewall is a security program that controls what data can get through it. A firewall typically works by having a list of rules that specify what data can pass through it.

You can place a firewall on individual machines, called host-based firewalls. For example, Microsoft provides Windows Firewall as part of the operating system in newer versions of Windows. Another type is an application-level gateway firewall, which restricts traffic to specific applications.

A network firewall is hardware or software that controls what traffic can enter and leave a private network.

Take Action

Computer hackers are constantly trying to access your system, either by guessing the password or entering through dangerous applications on public networks. A firewall provides an extra layer of security by preventing these intruders from accessing your system through the Internet. When you use a public network, you should have your firewall activated.

In conclusion, a firewall is an extra layer of protection between the outside world and your computer that can be hardware or software. A firewall typically works by using types of rules that allow data to pass through it.