Home Business What Every Employer Should Know To Enhance Health And Safety In The Workplace

What Every Employer Should Know To Enhance Health And Safety In The Workplace

What Every Employer Should Know To Enhance Health And Safety In The Workplace

Every year, work-related injuries and illnesses claim the lives of over two million people worldwide, according to the International Labor Organization. Whether you’re working in an office, or operating heavy machinery outside, there are safety risks in every work environment. To help protect the workforce and ensure every worker goes back home safely, every employer must uphold work safety programs in their organizations. 

The importance of health and safety in business includes enhanced productivity, reduced employee turnover rate, and reduction in sicknesses and absence. Maintaining a safe work environment helps you save money on insurance and avoid legal problems. If you’re looking to make your work environment a safer place for workers, below are a few tips for enhancing health and safety at the workplace.  

Train Employees On Proper Safety Measures

Training employees how to execute tasks safely is vital to having a zero-accident workplace. As an employer, you should commit to training workers immediately when you hire them and provide refresher training regularly. Your safety training program should educate employees how to report and respond to hazards, accidents, and emergencies. 

Once you’ve shared the basics of maintaining safety within working environments, tailor your safety training to improve how your workers perform their daily tasks. For example, if your employee’s role is driving from place to place, provide defensive driving training to ensure they drive safely. If your workers sit at a desk for long hours, encourage them to take short breaks and exercises after every one or two hours. Also, invest in ergonomic desks and chairs to ensure your employees maintain proper posture. 

Provide Personal Protective Gear

Under occupational health and safety standards, employers are required to provide personal protective equipment, like face masks, head protection, gloves, and eye protection, to all their employees. Failure to adhere to do so can result in serious legal implications. For example, if you ask an employee to handle a task that requires PPE and fail to provide the right gear, your employee could sue you for negligence if they get injured.

According to FVF Law, getting injured in an accident at the workplace can be confusing and stressful. Not to mention, the experience can cause emotional pain and trauma. In most cases, employees injured at work file personal injury claims against their employer to secure fair compensation for bodily injuries and medical treatment expenses. To avoid lawsuits, make sure your work environment is safe and provide the necessary PPE. 

Prioritize Equipment Maintenance

Employees need proper tools and equipment to create high-quality products and maintain safe working environments. With this in mind, make sure to provide workers with the right tools for their job. Most importantly, prioritize equipment maintenance. Considering machine malfunctions are the most dangerous hazards in the workplace, ensure all equipment your employees use are inspected regularly. That way, you can easily detect mechanical malfunctions and worn out parts that need repairs or replacement before an accident occurs. 

It is every employer’s duty to ensure the workplace is safe and healthy. Maintaining health and safety at the workplace boosts productivity, reduces employee absence, and lowers the risk of accidents and diseases. To keep your employees safe, you need to offer safety training, provide the right protective gear, and maintain equipment in good working conditions.