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What Is a Personal Reference Letter

What Is a Personal Reference Letter

There are many reasons you might try to impress someone with your positive qualities. Perhaps you want to convince a potential employer you have a good work ethic. Suppose you hope to rent an apartment and want your potential landlord to know you’re responsible. You could be applying to colleges and hope to impress the admissions board with your application.

When you’re preparing an application, you may be asked to include reference letters. Your recommendation letters can make the difference between a successful application and rejection. Let’s explore some characteristics of different types of reference letters, situations where they can be beneficial, and the type of information these letters should include.

What is a personal reference letter?

personal reference letter is a letter that emphasizes positive characteristics about you. Typically, you provide a resume outlining your experience and a reference letter from your former employer or co-workers when you apply for a new job. Reference letters emphasize positive attributes intended to persuade employers that you’d make a good employee. For example, a former employer could emphasize you’re reliable because you were always punctual and never called in sick.

Your employer could also reference desirable attributes, such as a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Your employer might also reference your technical skills and any special training you have.

Colleagues may supply a letter outlining the personal attributes you displayed when they worked with you. They may emphasize your commitment to your clients and dependability. They may note any accomplishments you have, such as winning employee of the month.

What’s a character reference letter?


A character reference letter is a type of reference letter. You may use character reference letters in multiple situations. Maybe you’re applying for your first job and can’t supply a reference letter from a former employer or colleague. Instead, you could supply a character reference from someone reputable, such as a teacher, school principal, or family friend.

Character reference letters emphasize your positive characteristics. Perhaps your teacher has noted you’re always cheerful and willing to help other students. Long-time family friends may have noted other positive character traits, such as your dedication to learning and good communication skills. People who write character references focus on personal qualities that make you a desirable applicant.

Are there other situations where you may need reference letters?

Landlords enter a business relationship with their tenants. They must collect rent payments. Landlords may also deal with tenants when there are complaints, so landlords favor tenants who have positive personality traits. Tenants who respect others and comply with building rules are less likely to create conflict and cause problems for their neighbors or landlords, which is why you may need a referral letter when you apply to rent a property.

You may also need character reference letters and academic referrals when you apply to postsecondary institutions. Academic institutions use these letters to identify applicants who demonstrate essential values. Academic referral letters can establish essential details about the applicant, increasing their chances of being accepted to the school.

What other type of information should reference letters include?


The person writing a reference letter should identify you as the subject of the letter. They should also provide contact information so the person reviewing the letter can phone or email them to ask any follow-up questions. The letter writer should also provide specific information about how they know you and how long they’ve known you. A personal recommendation letter from someone that’s known you for a decade may carry more weight than a personal recommendation from someone who’s known you for a few months.

A personal reference letter is a powerful tool that can ensure your application is successful. A referral letter can impress a potential employer and help you get a job. Character references may also help you get accepted to a college or get approved to rent a house. You can use personal reference letters written by former employers, work colleagues, classmates, teachers, and others with relevant information about your positive characteristics.