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What is Electronic Manufacturing?

What is Electronic Manufacturing?

Electronic manufacturing services provide aid to companies by designing, assembling, and testing electronic components. EMS companies may be involved in different points in the manufacturing process.

Different companies may require various services. Some of them include:

  • Cable assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Testing of the products

It is crucial to work with an EMS company that has a dedicated engineering staff. A dedicated staff will provide excellent services, and the end products are trustworthy. By choosing to work with an EMS company, ensure they provide the specific certifications needed as a vendor.

According to research, the driving factors of electronic manufacturing services are the rise in demand for electronic products, a growing market for mobile devices, and companies searching for experts in their specific fields.

Electronic manufacturing services carry out various activities. This article has detailed some of them.

PCB Assembly

It is the process of using surface mount technology like transistors and integrated circuits on a bare board. The finished product from PCB assembly gives a route to power and signals between different devices.

Another process involved in PCB assembly is through-hole. This process takes a little longer because human interaction is involved in the board. Most modern products use surface-mount technology, which is advanced.

It is hard to know if the circuit board parts are functioning because the parts are pretty small. A micromanufacturer would be the best expert for circuit board parts. 

Unfortunately, testing only happens after the whole process of building the board parts. Luckily, the end product will be fully functional thanks to electronic manufacturing.

Cable Assembly

Cable assembly involves hand soldering. It would be best to ensure the vendor is certified to do this. Alternative methods used by vendors are like injection overmolding. It is a process where different materials make a single part.

During cable testing, the cables can be examined by both functional tests and pull tests. The testing process is not as rigorous as PCB assemblies. An example of these tests includes high potential, commonly referred to as “hipot,” which means high voltage.

Contract Design

EMS services are the experts when it comes to designing. They generate software, validation tests, and environmental tests to check compliance. In contract designing, the vendor provides documentation in each step of the process.

Electronic manufacturing services are utilized best when a vendor gets involved before the product designing occurs. These services should include the engineers and material managers.


Before the products are shipped, the vendors ensure the customers get what they paid for.  Testing warrants proper assembling of the final product, and it is fully functional. Inferior products can compromise their demand.

Testing ensures the products are in good condition to avoid spending the extra money to fix issues that may occur in the future.

Some challenges faced by Electronic Manufacturing Services are global competition, disposal of waste to the environment, and increasing labor costs.

Bottom Line

Investing in electronic manufacturing services has been proven to be a wise decision. They ensure that the final products are of the best quality. Go ahead and try out some of the best EMS providers.