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What IT Support Does to Sustain Education

What IT Support Does to Sustain Education

Information Technology, or IT as it is known, is a crucial part of education. Without it, we would be going back twenty or more years.

However, there is a distinct lack of qualified IT staff working in schools and colleges, and this is holding education institutions and students back significantly. It highlights the need for regular, professional IT support for schools, colleges and other education providers.

But how does IT support help education? Let’s see what it enables in the education sphere.

Quality instruction

Not all members of staff in an educational institution are comfortable with technology. They may be able to do the basics to teach the curriculum, but if something was to go wrong with the technology, they may not be in the position to get it fixed. 

This then prevents the subject from being taught to high standards. IT support for education can also train teachers and instructors on how to use new hardware and software, and this knowledge can then be passed on to the learners.

Efficient record-keeping and student monitoring

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 laid out mandatory requirements for providing provisions for those students who are disadvantaged. But how does a teacher know if a student is beginning to drop behind in their educational attainment? Through tracking and monitoring; and this is usually done using tracking software.

The problem is that setting up, learning about, and keeping up with this software takes considerable time and resources, both of which are lacking in your average public school. However, a dedicated IT support team is able to do this, allowing teachers to use their time to focus on what really matters: the students.

New technology implementation 

This is especially the case since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. No longer are teachers standing at the front of the classroom talking at students. 

Instead, they are using IT in the form of video streaming, remote technology, simulations and so on to to teach and cover concepts that were once no longer possible in the average classroom. Not only that, technology enables students who are not able to attend a physical classroom, perhaps due to distance or illness, to still participate in learning.

IT support takes the pressure off teachers to install and maintain the software and hardware needed for this, and can often provide the training for them to be able to use it correctly.

Improved communication with caregivers, agencies and staff

A few years ago, communication was limited to notes sent between classrooms, notes home to parents and face-to-face interactions.

Now, there are a plethora of communication tools powered by IT which enable teachers to communicate with one another, for parents and teachers to have two-way communication and for other agencies to be involved, such as through the use of video conferencing software. 

Rather than spend valuable time implementing and troubleshooting this, the IT support company can do this and allow educators to do their job.