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What Reaching 8 Billion People Means For The World


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On November 15, 2022, the Earth hit the population milestone of 8 billion people. Our world is still growing at a pretty fast speed but as technology and overall health continue to improve, this growth is going to start slowing down. Different countries have different growth rates and some countries are even losing population as the global life expectancy continues to rise. As a country grows older, it’s common for the fertility rate to decrease and the number of kids per couple to start to shrink. 

Since 1800, global life expectancy has jumped from 29 to 73 years with that number still on the rise. An older population means less in the workforce and more resources needing to be devoted to their care. But many countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, are projected to to develop and grow on a massive scale with the population expected to double in these regions. International migration is also on the rise, which helps add workers and mitigate the effects of an aging workforce.
Learn more about the road to 9 billion people worldwide and what factors are playing a key role as our world grows here.

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