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What You Should Know When You Are Pulled Over For Suspicion of DWI


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Getting pulled over is a terrible feeling that makes your heart rate jump. You might be flustered especially if you have not had contact with the police in the past. Officers are trying to find signs of impairment especially if you were driving erratically. Most people want to try to explain their way out of the situation. Do not admit to drinking at all as this can be a piece of evidence used if the case makes it to trial. The following are things that you should know when pulled over for suspected DWI. 

You Don’t Have To Submit To Testing

You do not have to submit to testing regardless of what the police are telling you. You likely will end up in jail if you have had too much to drink whether you do the breathalyzer or not. Mention that you are not going to submit to any physical tests if there is any chance that you fail them. The eye test is one that you cannot beat like the balance tests that so many people think they can do successfully then fail. Breathalyzers around the country have been found to have errors and have resulted in hundreds of cases being thrown out. 

Work-Only Licenses Exist

The first thing that most people worry about is how they are going to make it to work without a license. Most states have work-only licenses that can allow you to continue to work. The police are not forthcoming about this as they are trying to get you to submit to testing. The entire plan is to build enough of a case to arrest you for DWI. This does not mean that you should be rude but rather stay quiet unless asked a direct question. People tend to be overly talkative when impaired so minimize the discussion where possible. Applying for your work-only license can be done at the DMV and your attorney can assist with this. 

Hire The Best Attorney Possible After You Are Bailed Out

Finding the right attorney is important as you don’t want to rely on a public defender that could have a giant caseload. You want a private attorney that will have the time to spend defending you in court. The right Raleigh DWI lawyer has trial experience and experience in the creation of plea deals that are acceptable to prosecutors. A lot of cases might be able to be dropped down to reckless driving if your level of impairment is not noticeable. Fines can be immense when you are charged with DWI which doesn’t even include the increase in monthly insurance costs you will see. 

Being pulled over for DWI can be stressful but it is not the time to panic. Cases are thrown out all of the time and there are diversion programs if you have issues with substance abuse. People make mistakes but take an Uber if you are going to drink. There are so many options in today’s world that can keep you from getting arrested. 


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