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What’s the Digital Divide in Indiana and How AIS Can Help Schools Improve Using Technology?


What is the digital divide?

The digital divide is the gulf between those with regular, reliable access to the internet and those without. It can refer to the gap between rural and urban areas, or between low-income and affluent families.

What is the digital divide in Indiana?

Indiana ranks 37th in the nation for access to high-speed internet, and 20% of households do not have access to broadband speeds. The digital divide is particularly pronounced in rural areas, where only 60% of households have access to broadband. It’s also an issue for low-income families: nearly one in four households with incomes below $30,000 do not have access to high-speed internet.

What is being done to close the digital divide in Indiana?

The state of Indiana has made closing the digital divide a priority, and has invested millions of dollars in expanding broadband access across the state. In addition, a number of non-profit organizations are working to close the digital divide in Indiana.

What are the consequences of the digital divide?

The digital divide can have a number of negative consequences, including decreased economic opportunity, social isolation, and a lack of access to information and education. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

  • Decreased economic opportunity: Families without internet access are at a disadvantage when it comes to job searches, online education, and other opportunities that require an internet connection.
  • Social isolation: The internet is increasingly becoming a vital part of how we connect with friends and family. Those without internet access can feel isolated from their loved ones.
  • Lack of access to information and education: The internet is a wealth of information, and those without access can miss out on important news, research, and educational resources.

How can AIS help close the digital divide?

AIS is an information technology support company that specializes in helping schools and businesses close the digital divide. They provide a number of services that can help expand broadband access and improve technology infrastructure. Here are a few of the ways they can help:

  1. Connectivity: One of the most important ways AIS can help is by providing connectivity for students and teachers. This can be done through a variety of means, such as WiFi hotspots, internet-enabled devices, or data plans for mobile devices.
  1. Device Management: AIS can also help with managing devices in the classroom. This includes setting up and maintaining devices, as well as troubleshooting any problems that may arise.
  1. Application Support: In addition to connectivity and device management, AIS can also provide application support. This means helping teachers and students use applications in the classroom, such as Google Classroom or Microsoft Office 365.
  1. Training and Support: Finally, AIS can provide training and support for teachers and students. This includes providing help with using new applications or devices, as well as offering advice on best practices for integrating technology into the classroom.

Now that you know more about the digital divide in Indiana and how AIS can help, contact them today to learn more about their services!