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Where Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services Differ

Where Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services Differ
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There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution in IT management solutions, as business owners determine which option best suits their staff and business operations. However, no matter which option suits your business, you cannot ignore the fact that managed IT and break/fix services play a vital role in the world of IT support. 

Most businesses choose between each option to support the IT resources they already have. This article will make that decision easier by highlighting where they differ. 

Managed IT Services

These are outsourced IT support services to third-party providers that assume a shared responsibility of a business’s IT system. Instead of providing reactionary situation assistance, managed IT service providers (MSP) often offer proactive services to their clients’ IT needs. These service providers comprise well-trained personnel with their network of systems actively monitoring their clients’ IT needs and proactively addressing them. They take complete charge of your system and offer regularly scheduled support services in addition to emergency support.

Break/Fix Services or Support

As the name suggests, break/fix services or support are reactionary approaches to solving technical issues. That means a company offering such services will only show up when specific technical issues require fixing. They present charges based on the particular service delivered. Unlike managed IT services, break/fix solution providers do not constantly monitor your IT systems to look out for possible threats. 

Which Option Is More Effective?

Before settling on which option is more effective, it is essential to point out some specific differences between both services. 

Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches to IT Support

With managed IT services, your business receives a comprehensive form of IT support that takes over your entire IT environment, making it proactive. With a break/fix service, you only receive specific solutions to specific IT issues and a reactive approach when they arrive. 

Services Provided By Both Options

Managed IT services offer a more comprehensive range of IT support services; these include secure and redundant services. Your business will also benefit from the services of knowledgeable engineers and predictable pricing you can plan for. Although you may receive some of these services from break/fix support, they end as soon as the particular IT issue is fixed. 

Returns on investment (ROI) and other associated costs

No matter what IT solution you choose, there is always the matter of cost and ROI. However, when it comes to long-term needs and costs, managed IT services are a better option, as the proactive IT management approach means you’ll have fewer IT issues to deal with. With break/fix services, you cannot predict when an issue will show up or how much it will cost you. 

Businesses’ IT needs may vary, but MSP’s proactive approach will ensure that IT issues do not take your business by surprise. For example, if your business needs Managed IT Services in Utah, you will receive dedicated monitoring and maintenance of your IT environment.