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Where Should I Focus My IT Efforts?

Where Should I Focus My IT Efforts?
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Today, most IT departments are under-staffed and overworked. With limited resources, you need to focus on what will give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of solving issues that actually matter to the business. To help with this, we’ve gathered our top recommendations for where you should be focusing your efforts; whether it’s App Management, Network Management or just generally working smarter.

Network Management

Network outages are extremely costly for businesses. Not only can they result in downtime for important systems and productivity loss, but they also generate a negative impact on customer experience.

Typically, the cause of network outages is not due to a lack of available technology in the business, but rather how it’s used. When working with an infrastructure monitoring specialist, look for businesses that have worked with your industry before and are familiar with common issues you might face. A few examples would be ensuring that servers are up-to-date with the latest security patches and anti-virus software, checking firewall configurations to ensure they’re not restricting access to resources that need it, and checking your network equipment settings.


Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses as data breaches become an increasing risk. In many cases, those who carry out cyber attacks do so to exploit the vulnerabilities in IT systems.

So how do you protect your business? Well, much like network management, it’s about working smarter and not harder. When hiring a cybersecurity specialist, look for those who understand the industry you operate in and know what attacks businesses like yours are most likely to face. It’s also important to ensure that there is a process for managing cybersecurity issues, so they don’t escalate out of control before they’re resolved.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

The cloud can be a risky place for your data – and we’re not just talking about the potential repercussions if you ever suffer a ransomware attack. Arguably, it’s how your data is stored and transferred between devices that leaves you most vulnerable.

For cloud backup and recovery specialists, look for those who understand the industry your business operates in and can adapt plans to suit your needs. In other words, working with a security specialist who provides support for other types of business will likely be beneficial.

Business Continuity Plan

When disaster strikes, it can be difficult to quickly determine the extent of damage. It’s important that businesses have a plan in place so they can react as efficiently as possible when something unexpected happens.

Working with experts who have experience working with businesses similar to yours will ensure your plan is customized for your specific needs, and also takes into consideration business disruptions that are likely to affect you.

IT Infrastructure Management

Today, it’s no longer necessary for businesses to put all their IT eggs in one basket. By integrating more than one service provider into your IT network, you will be able to increase productivity and reduce costs.

For IT infrastructure specialists, look for those who understand how different technologies work together to provide you with services. If they’re familiar with the industry your business operates in, that’s also a plus.

IT Support

When it comes to IT support, think about what you want from an outsourced firm. For some businesses, using an on-site IT department works best; for others, they need on-demand support. If you’re looking to outsource your IT department completely, look for those who can provide the full range of services related to your business’s technology.