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Why Hotels and Resorts Need SEO Services

Why Hotels and Resorts Need SEO Services

Every industry is turning to digital solutions as we move out of a global pandemic that wreaked havoc with tourism and that applies to hotels, resorts and spas, wherever in the world they happen to be. Now that the vaccines are being rolled out, there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel and hopefully, 2021 will see the return to normal global travel.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What does a person do when they want to book accommodation? Most people go straight to Google and that means a hotel in Bangkok or resort in Phuket needs to have their website optimised for Google searches. If you own such an establishment and are not using SEO services, this is something you should remedy, as you could be losing hundreds of potential guests. When a hotel makes an enquiry with an SEO agency, they would carry out a digital audit, which is free and without obligation and this helps them to determine the strength of the client’s digital profile.

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Armed with the data from the online audit and the client’s input, a suitable digital marketing plan can be created by the agency and should you be in agreement, the work can begin. Such a plan would likely include all or some of the following:

  • Optimising for Google
  • Creating social media accounts
  • Changing website content
  • Listing in business directories
  • Pay per click advertising

As a hotel owner, you need to research to find target groups, then the SEO agency can find the best digital platforms where you can reach your target audience with rich and engaging content that is created by professionals. Here is an article to help you decide if the time is right to buy a company vehicle.

Online Reviews

You simply must join forces with reputable online review agencies, as the majority of potential guests want to read the online reviews and with ratings of up to 5 stars, you need to be at the top of your game because reviews are not always positive. Let the SEO agency take care of the reviewing process and this will become a valuable feature that gives guests peace of mind.

Keep Abreast of Covid Restrictions

You should bookmark the government page regarding Covid-19 as things can change very quickly when dealing with a virus. If tourism is given the green light to resume in 2021, you should be prepared for a busy season, as people missed out on a couple of annual holidays thanks to the pandemic.

Special Promotions

Now is the time to start planning your summer specials and if things do open up as expected, you will need a full army of staff. You could also contact the government about using your hotel for state quarantine, which might be a wise thing to do. Whatever your promotions, engage the services of an SEO agency who can ensure that your message reaches the right people.

Hotels and resorts have had a very difficult 2 years and we all hope that 2021 sees the return to normality.