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Why it Makes Total Sense to Pre-Pay for your Funeral

Why it Makes Total Sense to Pre-Pay for your Funeral

The global Covid pandemic has brought it home to us how devastating it is when a loved one is taken and on top of the emotional strain, there is the added financial issue regarding funeral costs. The last thing anyone wants to do is be the cause of a significant expense for our family to have to find, and that is the main reason why people prefer to arrange their own funeral. All costs would be paid and regardless of how many more years you have left, your funeral costs are fixed from the day you took out the pre-paid funeral package.

Choosing a Suitable Funeral Service

There are many ways that funeral arrangements can be made; if the deceased was a Catholic or Methodist, then a suitable service can be arranged, or if you are not religious n any sense of the word, you can plan a humanist service, in line with your beliefs. You might, for example, have a favourite song that you wish to be played, or to have the minister inform the gatherers that you have put a couple of hundred dollars with the local pub, which they would find very touching. There might be a piece of poetry that you are fond of, or you could write your own obituary speech, with messages for certain people. Do you plan to get cremated? You can get memorial jewelry for a few people that are dear to you as a memoir of you. This is becoming the most popular form of funeral service, as the majority of people are not religious and by planning every last detail, you can create a memorable experience for those who attend.

Flexible Terms

You might want to settle up when the agreement is made, or would prefer to spread the payments; either way, the funeral director is flexible regarding payment and you can be assured that when your time comes, everything is taken care of. Think of the money you will save if you make the magical century! The cost of your funeral is fixed and will not increase, regardless of how long you live, which is a comforting thought and when that day comes, your family will not have to pay anything. Click here for tips on how to improve the health of your family, which makes for an informative read.

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions when planning your own funeral, the elderly and sick can make their plan and with a range of payment options, you can select the one that best suits your lifestyle. The great thing about planning your own funeral is you are not rushed for time; you can spend a few days, or weeks, thinking about what kind of a service you would like, plus you can plan this down to fine detail. The major benefit of doing so, is that your family will not have to make any decisions, nor will they be faced with a funeral bill. Here is some Australian government advice about dealing with a loss in the family.

If you would like to learn more about pre-paid funerals, search online for a local funeral director and you will find all the details on their website.