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Why You Still Need A Printer In The Age Of Screens

Why You Still Need A Printer In The Age Of Screens

As technology continues to get more and more common in the office, the need for physical documents continues to fade away. However, that doesn’t mean that a printer isn’t essential anymore. Read on to find out why you still need to have a printer even in the age of screens.

Why You Need an Office Printer

It can be easy to forget that not everything can be digitized. Many important documents, for example, require a physical copy for signatures or for archival purposes. Likewise, hard copies of documents can also help to keep someone’s attention compared to a digital version. This is because a physical document can avoid many of the more common distractions inherit to the digital medium such as notifications or advertisements.

One of the biggest benefits a printer brings, however, is the increased productivity. Employees can print documents from anywhere in the office without having to stop whatever task they are currently working on. Communication also becomes faster and easier when documents are able to be easily scanned and faxed. More importantly, however, a physical copy of a document is a lot more secure and easier to keep safe.

Hard Copies are Important

You know how important a hard copy is when it comes to important documents such as sensitive legal documents. As a result, you also understand that good security is essential in keeping those documents safe. With digital copies, good security can get expensive fast and there still isn’t a guarantee that your security won’t get hacked. Worse still, for the documents that need to have a physical copy, not having an office printer means using a public printer instead.

With such printers, you have no way of knowing if they are properly secured. This means that if you’re not careful, anyone can access your documents without your knowledge. By printing documents in your own office, you have full-control over who has access to them.

Digital Copies Can Get Lost

One of the biggest reasons for going paperless is due to the perception that digital copies cannot be lost. However, this is actually not entirely true. Although it’s true that digital copies can be stored in the cloud, server issues can easily cause your data to become lost. With a physical copy in hand, however, you can be sure that your documents are always properly secured.

Additional copies can be made without too much additional cost allowing you to store extra copies at another location. This makes sure that even if something happens to your office, your important documents will still be safe. Sure, you can do a similar thing with digital copies. However, the price for doing so will be a lot more expensive.

Paper is Still Essential

Going paperless is fun to think about. However, the reality is that doing so isn’t the most responsible of decisions for most businesses. Whether it’s safety concerns or productivity issues, having an office printer is nearly essential for any business trying to make it in today’s world.