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5 Details You Should Add to Your Company’s Online Profile

5 Details You Should Add to Your Company’s Online Profile
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According to research compiled by StatCounter, Google accounts for more than 92% of all search engine activity on the internet. With more than 66% of modern businesses utilizing web traffic to build their brand and customer base, reaching an audience online is more important than ever to remain competitive.

To succeed with internet marketing while developing your brand, you will need to craft the perfect company profile. An online profile can be placed on dedicated networking pages like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

No matter where you are planning on placing your company profile, just make sure that you include these five following details to get the most out of your efforts.

1. Get the Basics Down Right

When it comes time to establish your company profile, you will need to make sure that you have all of the basic information locked down tight. What does this typically entail? Anything that you have to offer, of course!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or the CEO of a business, your business profile should feature all of your official links to social media as well as your brand’s official website. In addition to this information, make sure that your brand’s location, employee count, and contact information are also available.

We want to make your profile as easy as possible to access and that means making your information palatable. You can take a look at this company profile for a great example of what we mean.

2. Craft a Personable Bio

Behind every great brand and product is the person who helped to make it happen. While we all know that Microsoft is a computing juggernaut, we are infinitely more familiar with Bill Gates and his personal history. While we don’t expect you to become the next billionaire, you can certainly create a biography that is personable to your experience and expectations.

Forbes highlighted some key suggestions for improving personal biographies and one such suggestion was to imagine your targeted audience. Speak to the visualization you have in your head of your targeted clients and you will find that your biography hits closer to the mark.

One of the most important things to remember while penning your biography is that you are a person first and a business second. There are countless brands trying to sell themselves to customers. Stand out by selling yourself instead.

3. Showcase Your Guiding Values

For companies that want to endure long-term growth and progress, knowing what your guiding values are can be a great way to start. Guiding values are the very groundwork upon which your business has been built. Values can come to you as specific or vague as you’d like, but make sure that they are always going to be articulable to your audience.

For example, an athletic apparel company may be guided by the values of hard work, sweat equity, and pushing yourself to the limit. Those are great traits to look for in a business of that sector. Take this mindset and adapt it to your business and the realm within which it exists.

4. Utilize Professional Images

We are living in the era of photoshop, the time of endless media, and the world of professional imagery. If you want to sell your business like a AAA brand, then you are going to have to market yourself like one.

If you are new to the industry or are struggling to find professional images to use, consider hiring a photographer as well as an editor to create some branding imagery for you. There is an entire industry dedicated to this aspect of brand representation, so don’t skip out on it!

For individuals, we like simple portraits that are as warm as they are professional. For businesses, clean and simple logos that highlight readable text are ideal.

5. Maintain Regular Activity

Creating a business profile isn’t the end of your journey, rather it is the beginning. Upon creating a business profile on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you will need to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep. A dormant profile that has not been updated will leave a negative impression on potential customers and prospective clients.

Social networking is about sending your roots far and wide to connect with those that can help you reach your potential. Post frequent updates or consider hiring a social media manager to handle that aspect of the job. A social media response team will not only keep your posts coming, but they will also perform aspects of brand support and reputation management along the way — a necessary skill in today’s era.

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