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How To Fix Common ARK Errors

How To Fix Common ARK Errors

Are you having problems with crashes when playing your ARK: Survival Evolved game? You should know that you are not alone. Many gamers have experienced a similar issue or many other common errors. In this article, we will be looking at the most common errors associated with ARK.

Game Modifications

The most common problem with the ARK game is usually caused by modifications. The game developers usually update this game to add improvements to it. However, this will add load to the server causing the game to lag and even crash. Gamers will usually complain about poor performance or breakdown issues especially when they didn’t experience such before the update. If you notice that the server isn’t loading when you initiate the game, make sure the modification meets the requirements of the latest ARK update. It would be best to completely remove the mod to see if the server starts to be certain it isn’t a mod problem.

Badly Saved Games

It is not also uncommon to experience broken files due to a poorly saved game. This will usually prevent the game server from starting. Also, another thing that can affect your saved games is if the files are corrupted. For instance, if you remove one part of the saved game file mistakenly, it would mean that something is missing from the saved file which will, in turn, affect the game. The only solution to this will be to start a new saved game. However, if you have a backup you can restore the saved game.

Unable To Query Server Info For Invite Error

If you get the “unable to query server info for invite” error when playing ARK, it means the ARK server moved to a new IP address. This can happen especially if you are using an automatic connect system like Steam. You may need to go to your settings to update your new server IP or better yet completely remove the launch option from your game. If this doesn’t work, check your saved files, or you may need to reinstall the game.

If you have tried this troubleshooting and none of it isn’t working for your ARK: Survival Evolved game, you need to contact an expert that can help you fix the problem.

Evaluate Error Messages

Some crash logs happen on ARK when the server crashes or is interrupted. If you are getting these logs, it means you have already enabled the “Servergamelog” option which is a good thing because it helps identify 90% of errors in your game. To use this function, you need to first log into your server through the FTP option, and open the path “/ShooterGame/Saved/Logs”. This is where you will find all the log data in your ARK game.

Hardware Problem

The hardware is usually not a problem, but it could be in some situations. When you have checked every other thing and can’t seem to find the problem, you should check the hardware. If the hardware is not allocated properly or is overloaded, it can cause your game server to lag. If you have checked for modification and game-saving problems, but none of them seems to be the cause of the problem, you will need to report the issue to ARK’s support.