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6 Things to Include in Your Site’s “Meet the Team” Pages

6 Things to Include in Your Site’s “Meet the Team” Pages
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The “Meet the Team” page is a promotional tool that highlights an organization’s staff, credentials, and serves as a networking tool. It is also for people looking to connect with individuals from your organization to collaborate or learn more about your services. 

There are six things you will want to include on this page, and they are:

1. Pictures of the Team Members

A picture can help a customer to visualize the person they are going to meet. Most times, it is easier to connect with someone if they are familiar with their appearance. 

A picture can also be used to organize your team for easy reference. Ensure the images are clear, well-lit, and professionally show the team members.

2. Name, Position, and Job Description of the Team Members

It would help if you made it easy for your site’s visitors or customers to be able to put a name to the face of each member of the team. 

Include the team member’s name along with their position, such as “Director of Marketing” or “Account Manager.” 

This will make it easier for customers to find the team member they are looking for, and their job description will help new clients understand what they can expect from the team member.

3. Awards/Certifications 

It is good to highlight the awards and certifications of the team members. These can help new clients understand who they will be working with, how their skills and industry expertise match your company’s needs. 

For instance, the team member profile on this website succinctly captures the awards of this team member, which relates to the company’s needs. 

Information like this can ease a customer’s decision when they are searching for the right company.

4. Contact Information (Social Media like LinkedIn)

Let your team members be reachable to people who need to know more about and utilize your services. For instance, include the team member’s email and link to their LinkedIn profile. 

What good is it to show off the fantastic people in your team without an easy means to connect with them? You don’t want to miss an opportunity to expand your network and grow your business.

5. What They are Like When Off Work

Sharing some of the team members’ passions can help your company look more appealing to new clients and customers. For example, if you include the fact that your website’s graphic designer has a love for photography, it can make her seem approachable. 

It creates a perception that your team members care about more than just work. It shows that they have other passions and are just like everyone else. If you make team members feel approachable, then others will be more open to working with them.

6. A Section Where Every Team Member Say Something About A Team Member

A little bit of team member self-promotion is a good thing. If you include this section, make it clear who wrote the comments. This way, prospects will see your team members’ perspectives on the team and won’t have to wonder if you are objective or biased.

Final Thoughts

Your team profile is more than just a collection of names and pictures. It can be used to paint a picture of who your team members are, how they would be suitable for your clients, and how they are like everyone else. 

If you have previously trivialized the importance of your team profile page, take another look at it. By taking the time to write the content and copy that will make your team shine, you could be on your way to providing prospects with a stronger incentive for working with you.

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