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Signs of Equipment Failure


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Equipment failure is pretty common, and it is something people who operate machines expect to happen at any time. All too often, when equipment failure is spotted, it is often too damaged beyond repair. This is why one has to take preventative measures such as:

  • Having a maintenance schedule
  • Reduce potential problems
  • Monitor equipment throughout
  • Invest in maintenance software

Failure to maintain and repair your equipment accordingly can lead to more damages that might be a bit too costly to repair. Fortunately, some signs can alert you that your equipment could be having issues that need your attention.

Here are the top signs of equipment failure.

Presence of Noise

Most equipment tends to be loud or produce sound when operating. Even so, if you notice abnormal sound during operation, this could be one sign that your equipment has a problem. It is pretty easy to see the difference between a typical sound and an abnormal one, especially if you are accustomed to the noise your equipment emits regularly.

Therefore, in case of abnormal sounds, ensure you check your machine to ascertain that there is no problem. If there is, don’t just assume it, as it can quickly worsen. Stop operating the equipment and make repairs where necessary.

Slow Production Speed

Every equipment has an average or normal speed at which it operates. And for all production processes, the rate will be the same unless the equipment has a problem. Besides, the output quality will most likely be similar throughout.

But if you notice a slower production speed and a decrease in quality levels, this is a sign that your equipment is failing. There are several reasons why your equipment’s production speed may be slower; therefore, ensure you check and find solutions as soon as possible.

Presence of Dirt

Another common sign of equipment failure is the presence of dirt. And this may include dust, gas, or leaks. A functional machine will not emit dirt while operating unless there is a problem. Note that it is vital to take care of this problem to ensure your workers’ safety and health. 

Therefore, it would be wise to check your equipment for cleanliness now and then. You should then focus on identifying the problem and find solutions immediately.

Abnormal Vibration

Perhaps, this is the most obvious sign that your equipment has a problem. Yes, a functional machine will produce normal vibrations, but this signifies that there is a problem in the case of drift in beat. Common reasons for abnormal vibration could be the presence of loose parts. You can have a technician inspect the equipment and tighten the loose part.

Improper Operation

Another common sign of equipment failure is a change in consistency of operation. Besides, if you have a team that operates the equipment daily and decides to switch it with another team, this can significantly impact how the machine works.

Therefore, ensure you are at par with how your equipment operates regularly, and in case of improper operation, have your managed IT services identify what is causing the problem.

Equipment failure is pretty common. However, with the necessary maintenance and monitoring methods in place, it can help prevent most issues.


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