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AI: Advancing the Future

AI: Advancing the Future

The world is progressing rapidly, and one key factor in this advancement is AI.  AI has burst onto the scene in recent years with several different models, types, and benefits.  What does AI look like, and how can it help businesses grow?

There are three main types of AI.  The first is machine learning, which is the ability for a machine to learn from data and experience without needing to be manually programmed.  The second is deep learning, which focuses on more complex patterns and datasets.  Finally, there are expert systems, which mirror human decision-making. 

AI can be applied in many ways.  For instance, there are generative AI programs, which use existing materials to create new content.  There are also natural language processing programs, which allow computers to understand human language. 

The wide array of AI leads to rich possibilities, which will be evident in economic growth; studies predict that, by 2023, AI will add US$200 trillion to the worldwide economic output.  Already, governments and businesses are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on AI, making it a staple. 

AI can increase productivity, improve monitoring and speed, and so much more, so it’s no wonder that it is becoming so popular.  Common programs include things like Intelligent Document Processing, which can pull data from any document and specializes in contextualizing information.  However, there are many programs available depending on a business’ goals. 

In the coming years, AI will continue to grow, and it is important to have a background in what it is and what it can achieve in order to make the most of what AI has to offer.

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