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Cloud Monitoring: Essential for Information Integration

Cloud Monitoring: Essential for Information Integration

In this modern age, the cloud is a part of nearly every business. But, on the cusp of innovation, there is often a lot of room for changes that could lead to further optimization. The main constraint on cloud services at present is a lack of visibility. In fact, 74% of companies have reverted certain functions back to their physical counterparts, likely due to poor cloud visibility.

But what causes this? Currently, cloud services aren’t optimized for the network engineers who need it the most. Between impractical tools and metrics that are spread out across a plethora of apps, solving problems and troubleshooting can be quite difficult. When you realize the issue is compounded by the plethora of platforms required and tools being platform-specific, it becomes simply unfeasible.

The best solution we have now is cloud monitoring. Cloud monitoring services help to condense the number of places with information and significantly increase ease of use, which allows for faster problem-solving. Furthermore, monitoring services like LiveAction allow further interoperability with clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. With the metrics now available and centralized, responses can be more efficiently and effectively addressed. Ultimately, integrating cloud monitoring is the most fruitful way to help your business circumvent cloud challenges so it can go on to be successful.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action