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AI and the Future of the Job Market 

AI and the Future of the Job Market 

In a world that is becoming increasingly AI integrated, it’s easy to imagine things becoming devoid of any human input. Currently AI is predicted to displace up to 36% of existing jobs, depending on the country. It’s replacing many forms of menial service and labor as well as starting to conduct advanced analytics that humans cannot. What this all means is that AI is here and is here to stay. 

Yet in the U.S today, 1.5% of job openings are AI related. By 2025 there’s a projected 97 million new jobs to be created by and around AI. This is enough to make up for the jobs AI is creating and then some. It’s not just that humans are still important for AI to function, they’re vital. So what are humans doing for a world infected with AI? A range of things.

The fastest growing jobs, in order, are data scientist, software developer, and computer research scientists. These are high skill jobs which will go on to replace the more menial work AI is displacing. The effects of this are complicated, but the trend is clear to see. Humans need to work to develop and digest AI. The technology is highly complicated and produces tons of data that needs humans to make it meaningful. What are humans doing for AI? It’s simple, they’re making it work. Learn more about the world’s AI jobs below.

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